Lingu has failed to protect life and property as per oath of office – Chifire

By Oliver Chisenga

GREGORY Chifire says President Edgar Lungu must resign because he has failed to protect life and property as per the oath of office he took.

In a statement over the current gassing of citizens and schools, Chifire said Zambia is nothing short of a failed state and noted that citizens have lost faith in the institutions of governance.

The Southern Africa Network Against Corruption (SANAC) director charged that President Lungu was presiding over a wicked government.

He regretted that people were being gassed and killed daily under President Lungu’s watch yet he couldn’t take a decisive action as if he was enjoying the evil being unleashed on the people.

“Mr Lungu has terribly failed. A country cannot be held to ransom for such a long time by so-called ritual killers if we had a functioning government in place, with all the state machinery,” he said.

“Something is surely not adding up. Because of this and many other failures, the President must resign. He has failed to protect life and property as per the oath of office that he took.”

Chifire argued that it was an open secret that the persons behind the coordinated attacks must be very powerful.

“These attacks are beyond the capacity of the opposition political organisations. We all know that the gasses these attackers use may not be manufactured in Zambia. But how they find themselves in Zambia through the protected borders which are manned by men and women supervised by the PF regime remains a mystery. Seriously, a fruit does not fall far from the tree,” he said. “With a functioning government, citizens cannot be killing fellow citizens at will, whether by mob justice or by gassing. This is a characteristic of a failed state. Zambia is nothing short of a failed state. Citizens have lost faith in the institutions of governance. The leadership of Mr Lungu has lost the mandate of the people. People are only waiting for elections to officially register that state of affairs.”
Chifire said Zambians by nature are not killers.

“The PF regime has changed the culture of Zambians. It is unZambian to kill and burn suspects in the manner we have seen in the past. The buck stops at Mr Lungu. He had failed. All the blood of the innocent that is being shed by the police and by those meting out instance mob Justice is on the hands of Mr Lungu. His hands are dripping with blood,” he said.

Chifire said the PF government is a scam.

“Little wonder they went to get power from Seer 1 to bewitch voters and the general citizenry. They are shameless wizards and witches. ‘Ni boma ya ma mfwiti’. We have surrendered the nation to wizards, God forbid,” said Chifire. “Maybe that is why we have ritual killers today, because we have wizards and witches in government. You cannot trust people who use dark forces, satanic forces for that matter to get political power. They are capable of doing anything to retain power, including human sacrifice.”

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