This is what happens in a nation when values are lost

Bishop Evans Chinyemba is spot on when he says the root cause of what is going on in our country is two-fold: disintegration of family values and economic challenges.

What we are seeing in our country today is what happens when values are lost in the family, community and nation.

The disintegration of family values is wrecking havoc. And adding economic challenges to this is like pouring oil on fire.

As Dr Fred M’membe has repeatedly said, “the individual does best in a decent society with principles and standards, values and common aims.”

Without addressing the issue of values, we are going nowhere as a nation.

Regardless of where we live or what are our political or religious beliefs, we are certain that just about all Zambians believe in the values of respect, responsibility, family, compassion, justice, tolerance, and many others. These are the values that unite us and give our lives meaning. And, importantly, it’s these values that will protect our children from unhealthy values. It’s not our place to tell Zambians what they should value. We will nonetheless tell them that they should know what they value and make sure that their values are healthy for their families. Educating children about values can begin as soon as they develop the ability to talk, listen, and to understand consequences. We need to introduce them to what values are, the role they play in their lives, and their importance to the family as early as possible so that they develop positive values before they are exposed to unhealthy values. What are values? Let’s give our children a clear understanding of values and how they affect their lives and those of others. When your children express unhealthy values, show them how the values hurt them and your family. You can also point out examples of bad values in other people and from the media and describe why the values are unhealthy.

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