LM urges Copperbelt youths not to lose hope

LEADERSHIP Movement urges miners and youths on the Copperbelt not to lose hope despite mismanagement and job loses going on in the sector.

In a statement, party national youth coordinator Chalwe Chandalala said the currect activities in the mining sector were not giving hope to small-scale miners and the jobless youths.

“As a party we are aware of current happenings affecting the mining development across the country. Leadership Movement has been monitoring the mining activities in some selected districts of the Copperbelt Province, which is not giving hope to the small-scale miners, women in mining and unemployed young people,” Chandalala said.

He noted that most mining companies on the Copperbelt were not able to sustain viable groupings such as that of women and youths.

Chandalala said he was aware that some selected mining companies might soon announce shutdown of their operations and leave young people without jobs.

He however, assured that under the leadership of his party president Dr Richard Silumbe, Copperbelt miners would be taken care of.

Chandalala said youths and women would be looked after well in all the mining towns in 2021, when his party forms government.

“As stated in our party Manifesto, the Leadership Movement being a 21st century government, we promise to heal the sick, give hope to the poor, educate and create millions of jobs through our programme dubbed national recruitment for jobs in 2021,” said Chandalala. “To all my fellow youths, let us not lose hope as the Leadership Movement is here to save us from this poor little guy causing unemployment, poverty, name them.”

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