There won’t be a one-party state in Zambia again – Belemu

MBABALA UPND member of parliament Ephraim Belemu has likened the PF’s continued manoeuvres to suppress the opposition UPND and its leader Hakainde Hichilema to that of Adolf Hitler.

But Belemu vowed that there will never be a one party state again “in this country” because Zambians have tasted democracy.

He said dictators always follow the same path.

Belemu said the trend of accusing the UPND and its leader in anything that goes wrong in the country was not different from that of Hitler.

“Dictators will always follow the same path. When Hitler wanted to eliminate the Jews he had to find an excuse to try and suppress them and to eliminate them using an excuse that they were the ones stabbing the Germany people behind the back,” he told the media. “Similarly, the PF now wants to turn one citizen against the other over these criminal activities happening in the country.”

Belemu said the PF were the ones that controlled the government machinery including investigative wings and the executive which was privileged to receive the budget to investigate matters.

“Why haven’t they told us for example what they found out in the case of Lusaka City Market, who burnt it? Why haven’t they told us the findings of the investigations this far. Why are they accusing citizens without taking them to court if at all they have evidence that there is a citizen who has done or instigating this?” he asked. “All those are attempts to divert people’s attention. The real things PF must now be helping us to answer is what is their position on what Seer 1 has been talking about? What is the position regarding the hunger situation in this country? Right now people are starving on top of that they are allowing reckless criminals to continue to hound or to harass them. And we want to suspect that the PF know all these things happening in the country because they are the ones that control the investigative wings. Why can’t they make part of the investigation known to the public? What we know is that chemicals in Zambia are controlled under specific acts and those that stock them have got licences. How are people accessing those chemicals? When I go to vet to buy livestock services I’m given a receipt and the type of chemical I have bought. Why can’t those chemicals be traced from people that are stocking them?”

Belemu said the UPND would not tolerate “this kind of evil schemes” against their leader adding that right now people were hungry in the nation.

“Right now people are concerned with the growing difficulties in terms of economic situation in the country, right now our concern is the dictatorship that is being orchestrated by PF. People are yearning for freedom, people are yearning for resources, people are yearning for economic sustenance,” he said. “This is the first quarter of the year, very difficult quarter of the year, so on top of that criminals are being tolerated and PF wants to either hide or turn away from their responsibility. They collect tax payers’ money and they must be accountable, they control the armed forces of Zambia, so they must account for what they are doing in the nation.”

Belemu said the UPND would not let the PF go scot-free.

“If it’s hiding Bill 10 and wants to divert people’s attention we will not allow them to do that. If it’s using this to try around and scheme to bring in funny clauses in the law which bars one candidate from standing, we will not allow that. It has been tried before in the past, it failed,” said Belemu. “We are a multiparty democracy and we vowed especially in Choma district this is where the Choma declaration which brought in one party state, we have vowed that there will never be one party state again in this country. If PF wants to bring one party state in this country they are lying, cheating themselves because the Zambian people will not allow it. We have tasted freedom and we want freedom in this country.”

Southern Province UPND chairman Billiard Makweembo said enough of accusing Hakainde Hichilema of being behind the gassing issue in the country.

“There are a lot of issues that HH has been labeled against. Now they are linking him to the gassing issue in Zambia and we are reacting because there is no way he can do that to the same people he will need in 2021,” he said. “We are not going to allow this to happen this time around because we have tolerated these PF people enough for some time now. We know that they are looking for faults in HH so that he does not stand in 2021. HH is our sole candidate. Whatever comes it’s HH, talk about climate change, talk about Zesco, now we know their scheme they want to arrest him but this time around to be frank we are on the game and we won’t spare time on that one.”

Makweembo claimed that the PF knew people behind the gassing attacks.

“I want to warn the PF that let them not stretch their luck on HH again. As a party in Southern Province we vow that whoever is going to play around with our product we are going to be on it,” said Makweembo.

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