ZAMBIA IS BLEEDING…PF govt grow up and provide leadership – Sejani

ACKSON Sejani says President Edgar Lungu’s continued silence when the nation is “literally bleeding” and burning can no longer be accepted.

“PF, stop this blame nonsense because you have a very serious and urgent job to do. We must not allow this to drag on until next year because we cannot enter the elections with such high emotions,” he said. “The President must provide leadership by addressing the nation on what is happening and the way forward. His continued silence when the nation is literally bleeding and burning can no longer be accepted.”

Commenting on the gassing attacks and instant mob justice incidents that have recently engulfed the country, Sejani said what is happening in Zambia was unprecedented.

He asked the PF government to grow up and provide leadership adding that the ruling party can never win the blame game with the opposition.

“What is happening in our country is horrible, scary, worrisome and unprecedented. I never imagined that Zambians would rise against each other in the manner they are now doing,” Sejani, a former minister in the Frederick Chiluba administration, said. “We urgently need sober heads, especially from those governing us, if this situation is to be resolved. It does not require hot heads in government whose only reaction is to politicise the issues by pointing accusing fingers at the opposition. This type of behaviour by the government is more worrying than the crisis at hand because it means that there are no serious efforts to urgently arrest the situation.”

He noted that instead of trying to resolve the problem, the government and its surrogates were placing premium on scoring cheap political points.

“We have all been advised against further inflaming the already inflamed situation by making unfounded allegations against each other. However, rather tragically, it is the ruling party that is continuously defying this sound advice by pointing fingers at the opposition, especially the UPND. If they know that it is the opposition behind this crisis, why are they still offering K250,000 to anyone with credible information on the people behind this problem? You cannot continue to accuse others and expect them to keep quiet. They will respond in order to defend themselves. So do not blame them when they react in their defence,” Sejani said. “So I want to tell PF, the party in government, that the starting point in dealing with this matter is for them to grow up and provide leadership. They can never win the blame game with the opposition if that is the route they want to go. This is because they are in a more vulnerable and suspicious position than the opposition. It is PF that is guilty of over-allocating budgetary resources to the Ministry of Home Affairs which houses the police, ostensibly to procure tear gas. If the blame game continues, some people might ask: ‘what other gasses were procured and for what purpose? What was the PF preparing for?’ It is the PF that has reports of its officials linked and actually arrested in connection with this mayhem.”

He said it was the PF that had precipitated public loss of confidence in the police service by politicising it, thereby killing its professionalism.

“How many times have we advised the PF to stop this caderisation of the police because they will fail to perform their duties when really required to do so in future? Here we are today, nobody trusts the police to do an impartial and professional job. Thanks to PF who have made the police ignore the many transgressions of the party in power only to quickly pounce on the opposition for any little or no offence at all,” said Sejani.

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