IT’S NOT PF OR UPND…you’ll get the shock of your lives – Kalaba

THOSE of you who think it’s a foregone conclusion that it’s either PF or UPND who will win the 2021 elections will get the shock of your lives, Democratic Party president Harry Kalaba has said.

“Watch the space! We are winning elections as Democratic Party next year. After all, overtaking is allowed in the kingdom of God. Those of you who think that it’s a foregone conclusion that it’s either PF or UPND who will win, you’ll get a shock of your lives,” Kalaba said at a recent media briefing at the DP secretariat in Lusaka.

“So, we are overtaking. Others have been overtaking! What is wrong with Harry Kalaba overtaking you? Who told you that being young is a disqualification?”

Kalaba was responding to a question from Prime TV journalist Njenje Chizu who asked the opposition leader to elaborate on his written statement when he told the UPND and the PF to: “completely de-cadrelise the political platform.”

He cautioned other politicians against fronting their cadres in national issues.

“You have lawyers who are debating a very sensitive matter on bill 10 and you go and get people which you consider vulnerable to go and disparage men and women who are learned! The UPND also should not follow the method of the PF by also using cadres that it’s fire for fire. That’s not correct!” Kalaba advised.

“Even me I have cadres – a lot of them – who are supporting me. But have you seen them coming here to harangue anyone? No!”

The former foreign affairs minister indicated that politics that should be proposed in Zambia should allow everybody to feel free to participate.

“For as long as I will be elected president of this country, I will not allow cadres to manage bus stations, markets and to begin intimidating innocent citizens, the way I saw at InterContinental [Hotel]. Lawyers running! You can’t have that situation [because] you are creating insecurity,” said Kalaba.

“I was taking interest in following the arguments on bill 10 from our learned counsels. I wanted to hear their path of thinking. But little did I know that our colleagues in PF had their own agenda to go and demean and humiliate learned people. We want cadres to be used in matters of national importance. This country is not about PF versus UPND, by the way.”

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