AS you all stayed awake waiting to see how many faces will be on the ballot paper for next month’s FAZ elective AGM, I had a dream that FIFA president Gianni Infantino had received a letter from Zambia.

In my dream, the letter was telling FIFA that the FAZ Ethics Committee chairman goes to the same church with the FAZ president and so he can’t deliver impartial rulings. Lol! But surely, church?

Then it was revealed in the same dream that there is a call for a normalisation committee and then cases of the banned, the suspended and all that….

Then there are clauses to be overturned, literally asking FIFA to stop the FAZ elections, we don’t know under which law or constitutional clause.
It’s a long letter with a lot of lamentations to the extent of calling for a meeting with the Swiss-born Italian lawyer [Infantino] which unfortunately has not been written by players in the next election but an observer or is it the referee who himself has broken many rules in his bid to impose his own order at Football House against the written law.
Anyway, the dream letter aside, we now await the response from FIFA to my dream.

I woke up and my gut feeling told me that if this letter was indeed not a dream, FIFA won’t stop the election and can’t send a normalisation committee to FAZ because there is a fully functioning constitution and executive at Football House, unless Infantino uses his law acumen to turn against his own constitution. 

Ah! I decided to go back to bed. And when I did, I dreamt that FIFA had replied, stating that those that have not been satisfied with rulings of the established FAZ committees must further appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport. FIFA also feels that there is total disregard for the FAZ constitution by those that have support from those with excessive power outside the written FAZ law.

In my dream I also saw FIFA inviting Kamanga to hear him or simply to ask him to write another letter in response.

Eh! The dream was, but in the end it left me wondering to what lengths the so-called powerful people can go to defend wrong deeds or impose their will on the powerless. In the end, words I learnt a long time ago, never underrate anyone regardless of your privileged position you think you occupy in life because even the weakest of persons in life, have some strength in them. Anyway, whether my two dreams will become reality is the story for another day. After all, it will have been overtaken by events by the time you are reading it dear reader.

Truth is, with some 30 days to go before the elections there will be more dreams like this, actions and counteractions, appeals and counter appeals. We will be here to uncover more dream letters.

See you when I wake up with another sweet football dream.
Easy guys, it’s just a dream that has, however, come to pass…

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