Malolela urges MTN to enhance its presence by leveraging on ZNBC

ZNBC director general Malolela Lusambo says mobile service provision has revolutionalised the way today’s generation communicates and interacts.

He says the communication landscape has “dramatically” changed.

Lusambo notes that unlike in years past, people today are able to listen to radio and watch TV programmes on a phone.

He was speaking when MTN chief executive officer Bart Hofker paid a courtesy on him at the corporation’s head office in Lusaka on Wednesday morning.

Also in the meeting were senior ZNBC managers and directors.

“The mobile service provision has basically revolutionalised the way this generation communicates, the way the communities interact. So as a public broadcaster who are into radio and television, we have seen significant transition in the way people conduct their daily activities,” Lusambo said.

“Previously it was about someone knocking off at 17:00 hours and they go home and watch TV. [But] the ball game has changed now; people are able to able to watch TV on their mobile phones, people are able to watch TV in the comfort of their offices on their laptops. They are also able to listen to the radio on their mobile phones. That’s how the landscape has dramatically changed.”

He noted that ZNBC had infrastructure that MTN could utilise to make its products better known.

Lusambo said while MTN had already made an impact, “I believe that you can enhance your presence by leveraging on our platforms as ZNBC.”

“There is this opportunity for MTN to utilise our many platforms for you to advertise your products. We would encourage you to use our state-of-the-art studios to enable you to probably have our OB (Outside Broadcasting) van be planted at your headquarters and be able to beam live whatever you would want to project,” he said.

“That way you’ll be utilising to the fullest what we are capable of doing as ZNBC.”
Lusambo added that ZNBC had a unique offering and that one such offering was: “Radio 1 that has the widest coverage and audience, so to say, in the country.”

“It’s on this channel where we’ve got all our seven [major] local languages. So, it’s a unique opportunity for you and we are encouraging you to seize the opportunity and make yourselves more saleable and it will enhance your presence in areas that you may not be present. This engagement is mutual,” said Lusambo.

ZNBC has three radio channels and three TV channels.

On his part, Hofker said: “the things that you are sharing are music to my ears.”
He said MTN had two main pillars in its strategies – digital inclusion and financial inclusion.

“If you talk about digital inclusion that sounds like offensive words but basically we are describing giving excellence to people of Internet, radio and television. We are just on the verge of what’s possible and we see an enormous growth in mobile data usage from mainly people listening to radio,” Hofker explained.

“One of the extra benefits for Zambia is that if you watch TV on your mobile or your tablet, then you are less dependent on electricity [usage].”

On the marketing possibilities with ZNBC, Hofker said he was “very open” to collaborate.
“We are already advertising on your platforms but I think we can do state-of-the-art marketing programmes together. So, I’m really looking forward to that,” said Hofker.

Hofker, accompanied by Lusambo, was later taken on a familiarisation tour of ZNBC studios.

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