Nkombo urges govt to protect people from tribalism, hate speech

MEMBERS of parliament have welcomed the motion moved by Mazabuka UPND member of parliament Gary Nkombo for government to enforce the law on hate speech, tribalism and discriminatory statements.

Moving a private member’s motion before Parliament on Wednesday, Nkombo said the motion was extremely important because it protected marginalised groups of society.

“Due to the recent and escalating tribal statements in our country, it compelled me to move this motion and I asked all the MPs for their approval,” he said.

Nkombo called for respect for one another, truthfulness and accepting that “we are very different”.

He said God had prepared a special place in heaven called hell where the temperature was extremely high and those who want to bring social conflict that was tearing the nation apart, that was where they would be placed.

“The One Zambia One Nation motto that we have is it still adding the same values, the same uniting factor as it comes to the floor? That is the question that we all need to answer here. This motto also applies to our children. The names of the children that we see today are all denoting intermarriages in our societies. Names such as Nyambe Bwalwa, Nchimunya Zulu and so on all depict our true ethnicity,” Nkombo said.

He said the motion could not have come at a better time than now when all Zambians were in trouble by the force that some of them did not know of, the gassing and mob injustice killings.

“I want to congratulate the chief government spokesperson Dora Siliya because I sat in my house yesterday [Tuesday] preparing my final touches of this motion. The presentation made by Dora on Prime TV Special Interview programme was more uniting than most of the statements we have heard of finger pointing,” Nkombo said. “The people who finger point each other are the ones that the Minister of Informaion was referring to as criminals. We have to hold our hands together to bring these criminals down.”

He further said if one misuses his or her tongue as the case they should be checked up.
Nkombo wondered where people found the energy to misuse their tongue.

“Those who believe in the Almighty know the story about the Jericho. Government authorities need to take this mantle as their personal responsibility and to protect their people from the atrocities of tribalism, hate speech and discriminatory statements. At individual level everyone must play their part,” urged Nkombo.

Meanwhile, Monze Central UPND member of parliament Jack Mwiimbu said tribalism was eroding the confidence members of the public had in the leadership of the country both in the ruling party and in the opposition.

“It is our responsibility as leaders of this country to ensure that tribalism does not escalate,” said Mwiimbu.

And Bwana Mkubwa PF member of parliament Jonas Chanda asked why tribalism was more pronounced in politics and not in other sections of society.

He observed that the public media main news started with the motion One Zambia One Nation.
“It all started with our ancestors that we shall always remain One Zambia One Nation. Why then destroy the motto that we have continued to enjoy with hate speech, tribalism, and discriminatory statements?” asked Chanda.

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