PF confusion has left Zambians unprotected – Nkonge

THE opposition Democratic Party says the PF government is one that is steeped into contradictions.

Democratic Party (DP) finance secretary Justine Nkonge wonders how a government that spends time contradicting itself will contain the gassing misfortune.

He made the remarks when he featured on ‘The Platform’ programme on Joy FM radio yesterday.

“This PF government is full of contradictions. Today, this one will say this…Not only are the police contradicting themselves concerning the gasses but even the ministers. Honourable [home affairs minister Stephen] Kampyongo was refuting that there was no gassing at Arthur Wina [Primary School],” Nkonge said.

“[But] the following day Honourable Minister of Justice Given Lubinda was on the podium confirming that there was gassing. So, the contradictions start from top. Even the police are contradicting themselves and victimising people….”

He added that a PF government insider who stands up to speak the truth, “will not find peace,” as they would be berated by sycophants.

“In the DP we are saying these people [in the government] have failed and they are showing the men and women in uniform, who are professionals, to look as if they do not know what they are doing. The police know their job – they are well trained to even do investigations,” he indicated.

“But when there is a report that has been given, we are having the home affairs ministry putting their noses fully into the investigations of the police. They (police) cannot come out and issue statements because they are being guarded; they are being told what to say and what to do.”

Nkonge underscored that the “confusion” that was playing out in the government today had left Zambians “in the cold, unprotected.”

“The people that should protect ordinary Zambians are busy contradicting each other. I don’t see how the PF government is planning to end the gassing thing because it has taken long. They may not be able to arrest the situation because they don’t know whether they going or coming back,” said Nkonge.

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