Where has the Christianity gone, asks Bishop Lungu

CHIPATA Catholic Diocese Bishop George Lungu has wondered where the love for one another has gone in Zambia, which prides itself as a Christian nation.

In his sermon during Ash Wednesday mass at St Ignatius outstation of St George parish in Mambwe, Bishop Lungu, who is also Zambia Conference for Catholic Bishops president, said he was disturbed with the killings of innocent people suspected to be behind gassing of innocent people.

“What has gone wrong, where we have reached a level where love for one another is not even there? What has gone wrong in our hearts to reach a level of even killing one another just because one is a suspect? One day you are going to kill your parent so that God can make you realise that what you are doing is wrong. If you don’t love one another or you don’t have mercy for other people then prayers are meaningless. The way we go about this issue of Zambia being a Christian nation, tell us now, where has the Christianity gone?” Bishop Lungu asked.

He said Zambians should be careful with what was currently happening in the country.

“We have to be careful because God has His time, it’s not me but this is from the Bible. God has His time; when He is bitter, it becomes a problem. God does not beat but just gives you the back. This is the reason why we talk about the issue of prayer; prayer is a second weapon. When you go to church and pray it is seen that someone is praying. The people should be able to tell that someone is truly praying because of what someone does. You can pray very well but when outside you do things to the contrary, it means the prayer has no meaning, it was just a show that you know how to pray because it didn’t come from deep down your heart,” he said.

Bishop Lungu said prayer changes a person.

“Now us today we are praying tomorrow we apprehend someone suspected to be behind gassing then we say ‘let’s kill’; where is the difference?

What are we doing here? Wasting time! But you have done well to come so that you listen to the preaching,” he said.

Bishop Lungu urged Christians to learn how to share with those that do not have.

“Jesus said love for one another is the first weapon that a Christian uses in the fight against Satan. Jesus knew what he meant by saying this. A person who is merciful is full of love in the heart. So mercifulness is a gift of love. Now when I look around here, it doesn’t mean that we all sleep without food, others normally have three square meals a day but others are in the tent (flood victims) and they don’t even have a pumpkin,” he said.

Bishop Lungu premised his sermon on love for one another, prayer and fasting.

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