Makeni Islamic donates 2,000 bags of mealie-meal to Eastern Province

THE best human beings are those who are beneficial to humanity, Makeni Islamic Society Trust coordinator Ikram Patel has said.

Speaking when the society donated 2,000 by 12.5 Kg bags of mealie meal to Nyimba and Kasenengwa districts of Eastern Province, Patel said giving and sharing with those in need created better bond amongst citizens and communities.

Nyimba and Kasenengwa districts have been hit by hunger after floods swept away crops to compound food shortages resulting from droughts of the last rainy season.

Makeni Islamic Society Trust mobilised donations from Muslims to make the donation which was handed over on Saturday in Nyimba to Minister in the Vice-President’s office Olipa Phiri and the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit.

Patel said it was the responsibility of Muslims to come to other human beings who had been afflicted by calamities in line with teaching of the Prophet Muhammad who he said “the best human beings are those who are beneficial to humanity.”

“That is why Makeni Islamic on behalf of the Muslim community is donating 2,000 mealie meal bags and there are more donations to come,” Patel said.

He explained that the donations were from Muslims of all ages including children as young as three year olds.

Patel urged Zambians to make themselves relevant by contributing to the development and helping to curb some of the country’s problems at individual level.

“As the famous 35th president of America John F Kennedy said, ‘ask not what your country can do for you but ask what you can do for your country’ and Prophet Muhammad said that ‘the best of you is he who is beneficial to the humanity’,” said Patel.

And in receiving the donation, the minister said she would ensure that no Zambian dies from hunger despite natural calamities.

Phir said the government was aware of the challenges being faced by several communities which had recently experienced floods.

She commended Makeni Islamic Society Trust for the donation and appealed to the organisation to continue partnering with the government to serve the needy communities.

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