Being MP is not easy, says Banda

MILANZI PF member of parliament Whiteson Banda says the work of an MP becomes hard when government delays to address their constituency’s challenges.

In an interview, Banda said members of parliament were seen to be worthless when certain projects were not being implemented and people tend to insult them as a result.

He said that to be a member of parliament was not easy as it required a strong and determined person.

“It’s not an easy undertaking to be a member of parliament; one has to be strong, one has to be committed, one has to be accommodative as you know the way communities are is that not everybody can like you but if you stay focused to your work then it might be easy but it becomes difficult when you have problems in the area and you lobby government and then government delays to come in. To tell you the truth, it becomes a difficult situation as people will start seeing you as doing nothing while others start insulting you and like that we are put in a tight fix,” he lamented.

He said being a member of parliament was a calling that required one with a heart for the people and were ready to dip into their pockets to ensure certain developments moves forward.

“You need to have a heart for the people. At times you find a borehole is broken and when you look at the council, in CDF, they have no money; you have then to dip into your pockets, even taking from our little salaries just to ensure things are moving…” he said.

Asked how the Patriotic Front has performed in the area, Banda gave the ruling party credit for “massive developments it has delivered in the health and education sectors.
He said that under PF, about four one by two classroom blocks have been handed over to various communities in his constituency.

“I am glad to say we have done a lot of projects under CDF such as 1 by 2 classroom blocks at Kakula Primary School in Kapoche ward, Cimwa Primary School in Kapangulula ward, Katawe Primary School in Chindwale ward, Chibondo Primary in Kankhombe ward and all these schools have already been handed over to the communities. The only challenge remaining is the desks and we appeal to government to provide desks to these schools,” he said.

He added that despite success in education and health sectors, the road network was another stumbling block as it affects other developments and farmers were highly affected by the deplorable road network for them to take their farm produce to towns.
He urged the government to pull up its stockings.

“The road network is a critical part as you know most of our electorates are farmers and it becomes very hard for them to ferry their farm produce to markets in town and I feel that’s something the government should pull up its stockings. I’m glad that one of the roads I pushed for which is Kagolo to Nyanje road, the contractor is already on site working at least but unfortunately Kapoche bridge was almost washed away and that isn’t on the task for the contractor…” he said.

Banda said before PF came into power, his area was lagging behind but that under President Edgar Lungu, the number of health centres had increased from seven clinics to 14 clinics now.

“Before PF came into power, we had a lot of challenges in Milanzi but so far what it has offered I think it’s great, especially in the health sector. When I became an MP in 2010 under MMD and in 2016, I shifted to PF by then, we had seven clinics but now we have 14 clinics under the leadership of President Edgar Lungu and they have brought health services closer to the people such that those who could walk long distances now are able to seek medical services closer to their doors,” Banda said.

He added that mobile network towers have also been improved by the PF government such that people were able to communicate with friends and relatives across the country.

However, he urged the government through DMMU to continue providing relief food to the 60,000 plus electorates in his constituency as hunger had devastated the people.

Banda called on his electorates to remain disciplined and hard working in order to develop Milanizi.

He also urged the residents of the area never to take the law in their hands against strangers who might be mistaken as gassers.

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