Chindamba eyes Olympics berth

WITH Zambia’s number one sprinter Sydney Siame having already booked a place at this year’s Olympics, his “partner in training” Hazemba Chindamba is working around the clock to qualify to the Tokyo Games.

The 100m sprinter told The Mast that he has what it takes to qualify.

“The preparations are going on well. The rest of the team is working to make sure I qualify for the Olympics and looking at myself, I think I can rate myself 85 per cent ready because my main target of qualification is in April and May. That’s when I look to the highest level of qualifying,” he said.

“My coach and I we are working around the clock to make sure that I get ready. This is very important as an athlete because every sportsperson wants to qualify for the Olympics and desire to be an Olympiad because it’s the highest level any athlete will want to be and it’s my target to qualify.”

Chindamba said he was under no pressure to emulate Siame.

“It does not put in any pressure having my training partner already at the Olympics. It actually motivates me to work hard, knowing that I train with him. Whatever he does it’s what I do on the track. It gives me motivation that I’m ready to qualify because my partner in training has already done that so am up for the game and I know that I will do it,” said Chindamba.

Zambia will also be banking on Rhoda Njovu, Hellen Makumba and Daniel Mbewe qualifying to the Olympics, all under the watch of the national team coach Douglas Kalembo.

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