Chingola police arrest Spax’ henchman for planning Jerabo protest

POLICE on the Copperbelt have announced that they warned and cautioned a 31-year-old Jerabo for planning a solidarity protest for detained murder suspect, Kabaso Mulenga aka Spax.

Last week, police said they had warned and cautioned Spax, a popular Chingola Jerabo for murder without giving further details.

He has been in detention in Lusaka since February 26, according to police.

On Saturday Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja said police had information that a group of people in Chingola were planning a protest against the detention of Spax.

And in a statement yesterday, Copperbelt Police Commissioner Charity Katanga said Chingola district police had warned and cautioned Joshua Chuma Mushinta, a construction worker at SPAX garage for seditious practices contrary to section 57(1)(c) Cap 87 Penal Code of the Laws of Zambia.

“…and police have retrieved 13 T-Shirts out of the 25 which are believed to have been printed from the jerabos by Joshua Chuma Mushinta. This follows information to the effect that some jerabos belonging to SPAX had teamed up and were planning to protest against the apprehension of Spax and wanted to air their displeasure against government on Saturday, 7th March, when Spax was slated to be brought to Chingola by Lusaka Police,” Katanga stated.

The Copperbelt police chief revealed that the printed T-shirts had on them some writings which read “NO TO INJUSTICE FREE SPAX” and “NO TO INJUSTICE”

“Mushinta allegedly received instructions from SPAX workers believed to be currently in Lusaka. I wish to warn all those who want to protest that they will be arrested forthwith,” warned Katanga.

On Saturday, Kanganja warned those planning to conduct illegal protests on the Copperbelt.

Kanganja said the police had information of some groupings that have printed T-shirts and planned to protest for the release of Spax (c).

“We have information that some groupings on the Copperbelt have printed some T-shirts and are planning to hold an illegal protest demanding the release of Kabaso Mulenga popularly known as Spax who is in our custody. We want to remind all those behind such plans to reconsider their position or will be dealt with ruthlessly by men and women in uniform. This country has got laws which guide on all processions and protests hence any act that is contrary to the provisions of the law shall not be tolerated at any point,” Kanganja said. “All the organisers of the impending illegal protest are reminded that going ahead with their planned activity will be unlawful as provisions of the law have not been followed. All officers are on high alert and will not tolerate any lawlessness to take root in this country.”

Kanganja said acts of lawlessness would be dealt with a heavy hand.

“Acts of lawlessness that characterised Chingola in the recent past will this time be dealt with a heavy hand and this warning must be taken seriously,” said Kanganja.

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