Zambians should think about changing leadership – Kalala

A FORMER aide of late president Levy Mwanawasa says Zambians should not imagine the PF winning the 2021 election because it will be a disaster and the end of this country.

Jack Kalala said Zambia would get worse because the PF had failed to run the country since taking power in 2011.

“There is no capacity in PF. They have been there for nine years and failed to transform this country. It is the same people who are going to sit there and stealing with the notion of, uubomba mwibala alya mwibala and their violent behaviour. That is what they will continue doing,” Kalala said in an interview.

He observed that already there was a lot of discontent and that if PF wins in 2021, the same discontent would continue increasing.

“In 2022, the bonds will come up and the nation will be coming out of an election in 2021 which will consume a lot of money. Where is the money going to come from to facilitate for these bonds? The nation is going to default if Zambia continues under the current regime,” Kalala said. “[former Bank of Zambia governor] Caleb Fundanga predicted in 2011 and once Zambia defaults, everything will be due now and everyone will start saying ‘pay us’. Currently, citizens are struggling. What will happen to them if Zambia becomes bankrupt?”

He recalled that the PF created the Industrial Development Corporation whose purpose was to create new industries in the country.

“What are they doing now? They are putting existing companies and eating money from them instead of creating new industries for Zambians. To them, what matters most is their belly. KCM, they have taken it over. Is there anything good coming out of KCM since they took over? It is being run down,” Kalala said. “By the time we reach 2021, KCM will be a shell. And yet Zambians were told after two to three months they are going to find an investor for this company. The Vedanta guys are smiling because they know that they are going to get money out of that mistake.”

Kalala urged Zambians to wake up because time was running out and that if not careful, the country would go into an abyss under the current regime.

“My advice to Zambians is that for the interest of this country and prosperity we should get a capable leader who should take over in 2021 and sort out the mess that the PF has created in the country,” he said.
Kalala said voting out the PF would be good for the country.

“PF has run out of ideas and they have now resorted to dividing the nation, full of lies saying that Zambians cannot vote for a particular tribe,” said Kalala. “That is not leadership and Zambians should not tolerate and accept that. Even the educated who are in PF are behaving like they are not educated. There is no hope for PF to transform this nation. I love this country and Zambians who love this country too should think about changing the current leadership that has continued abusing the poor Zambians.”

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