Kan’gombe still influential but not indispensable – Chanda

COPPERBELT PF chairman Nathan Chanda says his suspended deputy Christopher Kan’gombe failed to exculpate himself over allegations of gross misconduct and insubordination that were levelled against him.

Responding to assertions that PF youths on the Copperbelt are not united and have been working against each other, Chanda, who is also Luanshya mayor, said the party wants to raise a disciplined cadre of politicians.

He dismissed claims of disunity, saying the purported victimisation of Kan’gombe was neither here nor there.

“I am thanking the president of PF and the Republican President Dr Edgar Chagwa Lungu that he has taken the mantle from where Mr [Michael] Sata left, giving us the youths influential positions in matters of governance. I have said so because in the olden days it
never used to happen, to have a youth in charge of a very sensitive and very important province like the Copperbelt, not only as provincial chairman but I am also mayor,” Chanda said.

He said Kan’gombe had an opportunity to exculpate himself but he did not do so within the stipulated seven days given and instead questioned the composition of the disciplinary committee.

“Equally for my comrade Chris (Kan’gombe) who was my vice chairperson as well as mayor for the city of Kitwe…this has never happened. So to say the youths are divided, the youths are not supporting each other,
it’s neither here nor there because whether…we want to aspire these positions we ought to be disciplined. As a party, we want to raise a cadre that is disciplined,” Chanda said.

“If you walk through the disciplinary channel where as PF we believe in the rules of natural justice, when my friend committed whatever issue he may have committed, the party wrote to him and he was given
seven days in which he was to exculpate himself over the allegations that were levelled on him of gross misconduct and insubordination but he never responded.”

He further noted that Kan’gombe still holds influential positions in the party but was ushered to the disciplinary committee merely in the interest of promoting correction.

Chanda warned that no one was indispensable as the Copperbelt is not controlled by an individual youth.

“That seven days elapsed, he [Kan’gombe] never responded and on top of that he questioned the composition of the disciplinary committee as
well as questioning the letter that was written to him by the provincial secretary. When that was not done and in the interest of promoting discipline in the party, we had to subject that matter by upholding what the disciplinary committee had recommended to the central committee and the central committee, we sat and the rest is history. Where it has reached is a matter for the secretary general to be communicating the outcome of the central committee but in answering
your question, I assure that no one is indispensable and Copperbelt is not controlled by an individual youth but it is collectively and the party is still supporting a number of youths that are in different key positions and in any case, he is not expelled, he is still mayor of PF…of Kitwe. What I mean of PF is that he was elected on the PF ticket and controlling a very influential town on the Copperbelt, not only that he has got other positions, he is still president of the Local Government Association of Zambia, so it’s not the end of the road,” said Chanda.
“He is still very influential and as a party, we are going to work with all our mayors, all elected civic leaders such as counselors, all our MPs so that we see development and make PF win come 2021. I want tom tell you that come 2021, President Edgar Chagwa Lungu is winning by a landslide victory and margin going by what people have seen in what he has done.”

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