PF has lost legitimacy to govern – Mweetwa

CHOMA Central UPND member of parliament Cornelius Mweetwa says Zambians are scared of President Edgar Lungu because they do not want another incident of gassing.

He said the PF government had lost the legitimacy to govern the country.

“Zambians are scared of President Lungu because they do not want to be going for work without being paid their salaries. Zambians are scared of President Lungu because they do not want retirees to be singing outside the Ministry of Justice for their benefits without President Lungu saying anything about the situation,” Mweetwa said during a media briefing in Lusaka yesterday.

He said during the gassing attacks, President Lungu was expected to visit victims and offer hope to the nation.

“Look at the price of mealie-meal today, the [US] dollar, the economy! Citizens are scared of a President who wants to use violence to win an election and induce dununa reverse. Zambians are scared of a President whose leadership is based on untruth,” Mweetwa said. “But they are the ones who have chased street vendors. They (PF) are the ones who have sent cadres to be collecting money at markets.”

Mweetwa added that such criminality of the PF to the Zambians would soon come to an end, stressing that their days were numbered.

Mweetwa also said the PF should stop the schemes of buying UPND councillors.

“Stop it! He has told you he is not up for sell like tomatoe but you keep on promising him that PF will airlift him to go to State House and meet President Lungu. What democracy was President Lungu talking about on Friday if he cannot accept that where there is a PF member there should be a UPND as well?” Mweetwa wondered.

He indicated that the UPND was appealing to the PF government to be sensible instead of inducing by-elections.

“Stop going to chiefs to say, ‘chiefs talk to your son so that they can join the PF’. You have been claiming to be popular, your time is up, it is over!” Mweetwa said.

He stated that cheap politics could not run an election.

And Mweetwa said the UPND had noted some misplaced statements from information minister Dora Siliya stating that constitutional lawyer John Sangwa was alone over the eligibility of President Lungu to stand in 2021.

“As UPND, we want to state that Sangwa is not alone. He is just a forerunner and he is just a voice for the voiceless. For now, our concern is not eligibility, our concern is ending gassing of the citizens,” Mweetwa said.

He noted that Siliya described Sangwa as being misguided.

“It is actually you, Siliya, who is misguided,” Mweetewa said. “For one to be given that accolade to be State Council means he has distinguished himself in the profession. For the minister to denounce the State Council is shameful. It means they do not know what they are doing. For Dora Siliya, I will not say much because everyone knows that when she was minister for MMD, she spoke exactly, stating that, ‘Sata is a mad man, Sata cannot form government, Sata is a Satanist’. For her, that is her trade, to misinform a party that is about to lose power.”

Mweetwa said as government spokesperson, Siliya should inspire the nation to believe it has a leadership in place.

And Mweetwa said the UPND was happy that President Lungu made a declaration on the floor of the House to end gassing.

“I am sure from that day, gassing ended because they are the ones who were behind these schemes. PF will be remembered to have been the first party after independence who allowed gassing of citizens countrywide. That is why some of us believe that the PF got supernatural powers from Seer 1. That is why they were doing things that no one could not understand. PF lost the legitimate power to govern this country,” Mweetwa said.

And in an interview, Mweetwa said the UPND had a great day with PF during International Women’s Day.

Mweetwa said, “we as UPND, we love our colleagues in PF. We think that we must differ on ideas but that should not transcend into personal hatred to start hating each other as human beings.”

Mweetwa said people must hate the bad ideas the PF were associated with.

“You know when we heard Seer 1 say they went to get supernatural powers, we begin to question the integrity, the decency, their morality of talking about Zambia being a Christian nation. We question them seriously because what Seer 1 talked about them going to get supernatural powers, they have never exhaustively extricated or redeemed themselves, they have sort of just kept quiet,” Mweetwa said. “The only person who came to speak is the Minister of Religious Affairs and Seer 1 told her that ‘you are not involved, you are not one of those who came to get supernatural powers.’ So those who got powers from Seer, we question the integrity and decency in a Christian nation. We question the integrity of their leadership in a Christian nation.”

Mweetwa when Malaysia impounded Mukula logs from Zambia at a time when people the illegal trade on the tree species had come to an end, “we begin to question the sincerity of our colleagues in PF”.

“When we begin to see the issue of corruption, we begin to question morality and integrity of our colleagues notwithstanding that President Lungu came to speak about the fight against corruption and making pronouncements as to his commitment but on the ground, his own ministers are appearing before the Anti-Corruption Commission. It is a good thing in itself that they are appearing as ministers but a genuine fight against corruption would have required them to step down or to be made to step down,” Mweetwa, who is also Choma member of parliament, said.

He said the UPND had demonstrated magnanimity and resolve in attending International Women’s Day with PF.

“Right across the country, we had a great day with PF. Our women had a great day with the women of PF. There are things that we should not politicise, such as women’s day,” Mweetwa said.

He thanked the Zambian women for uniting the country on International Women’s Day.

Mweetwa said politicians should not derive joy dividing people.

He noted that the International Women Day was violence free and challenged the youth to emulate the women.

“If you want to continue to be bought Chibuku and go and maim each other, to go and beat each other because of Chibuku meanwhile those that send you when they meet at Parliament motel, at Parliament, they are hugging each other, they are buying each other beer, drinks, talk time, they are exchanging money; mwana at the weekend I am going to my constituency, I don’t have money, of here is K300,” said Mweetwa.

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