Zambian lives will be better after PF has left govt – Hamusonde

ZAMBIANS will be better after the PF has left government, says chief Hamusonde.

In an interview chief Hamusonde of Bweengwa, west of Monze, said nearly all sectors of governance have been brutalised by the PF thus making the livelihood of citizens unbearable.

“If you look at the youths, they are a volcano boiling and may soon explode. Signs are already there of this boiling volcano. Look at women; they have been abused left, right and centre making their lives more miserable. The women are being chased even for selling free God-given mushrooms on streets in town. Look at the working society, look at civil servants, they are now scared to even mention their surnames for fear of being transferred or worse fired in the now PF popular ‘national interest’ clause,” he said. “Civil servants can’t even afford to effectively educate their children due to poor salaries. We, in the traditional leadership, have been divided by the PF because as long as you praise sing for President Edgar Lungu or bootlick some PF senior cadre then a GRZ VX lands at a palace with a heavy brown envelope. But I have all hope in that God does not let His people suffer for too long and I see Zambian lives becoming better and more prosperous without the PF in government. I see youths getting more jobs, I see a united and respected traditional leadership that will be empowered to help develop rural Zambia and the agriculture sector.”

Hamusonde (r) added that rural Zambia has vast potential but has been ignored by the PF which has turned some traditional leaders into beggars.

“Let them (PF) not get me wrong. I don’t hate them, there are some good leaders in that party but it’s the corruption that I hate, it’s the corrupt that I hate and I want all well-meaning Zambians to do the same for the sake of our children and posterity,” he said.

Hamusonde called on youths to resist being used by what he described as evil politicians who only reward them with beer after using them as tools of violence.

“As you celebrate your day (Youth Day) please say no to those who want to divide you against your own brothers and sisters on tribal lines. Say no to those evil politicians who just give you beer to gas or hack another innocent soul. We are all one and let’s remain so,” said Hamusonde.

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