Football is 5 % talent – Micho

ZAMBIA’s first ever soccer school was on Saturday officially launched and open to the public. 

And national team coach Milutic ‘Micho’ Sredojevic says football is five per cent of talent and 95 per cent of work.

SuperSport Soccer School is set to groom young footballers from the age of 4-16 across Lusaka with the aim to create a big pool of players for future national team selections. 

During the launch, SuperSport Soccer School director Nick Aresti said the school will use Futsal as the main development key to football. 

“Our programme has been procured for 25 years by some of the best brains in football. Our balls are specifically manufactured, smaller with reduced bounce, we train on small pitches, we use Futsal as our main development tool and we have a skills badge challenge, which the kids get and consist of 200 skills they have to learn bilaterally, which forms a lot of home work that is a continuation of the work that we do at our sessions,” he said. 

With 35 soccer schools in South Africa which has over 250 players finding themselves in some of the PSL clubs, Aresti hopes to do the same in Zambia. 

“Our success in South Africa of having more than 250 our players are placed in top PLS academies in under 13-19 age groups. We have 40 players that have gone on to become junior national team players and 15 players playing in major international leagues. That is the vision I have for this soccer school in Zambia,” said Aresti. 

Fallsway Arena director Salim Limbada said the vision is to build better Zambian homegrown players. 

“Our aim is simple. We want to get a lot of people in the pitch and playing football every single day, that is why we are launching an international accredited run soccer school today,” said Limbada. “I know what Nick (Aresti) represents and down the line we will see positive results of all the hard works he is about to put in. Our vision is to produce better Zambian homegrown players. We want our players to be technically excellent and tactically independent decision makers on and off the field of play. We also aim to put the well-being and personal development of our players at the heart of everything that we do.”

And Zambia National team coach Milutic ‘Micho’ Sredojevic, who was present at the launch, said the future of African Football lies in young footballers.

“The future of African Football lies in having organised training (for young players) so that on my position at top of the pyramid of football as coach in the football is getting the right product. I personally believe you have chosen a right road to put away the children from bad things, coming here (Fallsway Arena) training in organised manner, socialising with friends, getting the skills, and to be good people and explore their talent. We just tell you, you are on the right way,” said Micho. “What I expect from the SuperSport (Soccer School) as a national team coach of Zambia is that Zambian football is enriched with quality work, with quality coaches, with talented players so that we really fulfill what they say about the sport – it is five per cent of talent and 95 per cent of work. And I wish you the best in the journey you have embarked on. We will be here to share knowledge.”

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