This is judiciary tyranny against Sangwa

The decision by the Zambian judiciary not allow John Sangwa audience in any court until further notice simply because it has complained against him to the Law Association of Zambia is tyrannical. 

It’s very clear that we don’t have an independent judiciary in Zambia. 

The judiciary is part of the executive that appoints, promotes and pays it. If you offend the executive you are automatically stepping on the judiciary’s toes. 

There’s totally nothing wrong with John saying that most of the judges of the Constitutional Court didn’t qualify to be there – they were wrongly appointed. And we see this in their daily decisions. It cannot  be concealed. 

A complaint against a lawyer to the Law Association of Zambia is never immediately accompanied by a suspension of the practicing licence. What the Judiciary has done is tantamount to suspending John’s practicing licence before even its complaint against him is heard. 

How can the Judiciary pass judgment in it’s own case against John? What compensation will the Judiciary give John for loss of business if the Law Association of Zambia throws out its case against him?

This is a clear case of abuse of  power by those in power to shield itself from legitimate criticism. 

This is the typical behaviour of corrupt institutions. 

Our judiciary, in its current form and composition, cannot be expected to behave otherwise. 

We can only hope the Law Association of Zambia will stand its ground and defend what is right. As things stand today John cannot fairly challenge the decision of the Judiciary against him in the Zambian courts. What justice will he get? Who will hear his case?

This is a clear case of judiciary tyranny. 

In 2021 Zambians may be forced not only to change the executive and legislature  but also this rotten, highly compromised and corrupt judiciary. 

We have a very big governance problem which goes beyond Edgar Lungu seeking a third term of office  – which this Judiciary of his will give him. We have totally contaminated the environment in which all the three arms of the state have tested positive to virus of misrule, abuse of power and tyranny. And the Zambian people have no choice but to move tenaciously against this virus before it completely devours them.

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