Article 165 brought disputes – Madzimawe

SENIOR Chief Madzimawe of Eastern Province says Article 165 of the Constitution does not permit Parliament to enact subsidiary legislation which would factor how chiefs operate in Zambia.

Addressing the media in Lusaka yesterday, the traditional leader, whose sentiments are also echoed by Paramount Chief Mpezeni, observed that since the enactment of current Constitution in 2016, the said article had brought succession disputes that were currently active in courts.

He urged members of parliament not to walk away from the Constitution (Amendment) Bill No.10 of 2019 debate but to represent their constituents.

“Since the enactment of the current Constitution in January 2016, we have seen a number of wrangles regarding succession and also traditional leaders taking one another to court because of the current Article 165 which talks about institutions of traditional leaders who are in this country. And a number of our colleagues come out adding a word on what should be done,” Madzimawe said.

“Mwine Lubemba have issued a comprehensive write-up. Also our brother from the Barotse Royal Establishment. Looking at the current scenario we thought [that article] 169 has brought a lot of confusion regarding succession and also Article 165 does not permit Parliament to enact subsidiary legislation which would detail how this institution would operate in this country.”

He said traditional leaders hoped that MPs would do justice to progressive articles on Bill 10 in Parliament.

Madzimawe urged the lawmakers to support Bill 10, saying they should not use politics but do what is best for Zambia.

“We feel as being our people’s representatives they should go in there and debate rather than shy away, because they are quite a number of issues. Currently if you do your own research, go to the courts of law and see how many cases are before the court of law as regard to our institutions. It is quite alarming. The traditional leadership which is the foundation of all forms of leadership of this country if it starts to shake, then definitely the peace of this country will be compromised,” said Madzimawe.

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