FAZ presidential aspirant Emmanuel Munaile has urged administrators that are aggrieved about the running of football in the country to provide leadership by following the internal process.

“When you look at what is happening in football today, what do you think? Is it being done in the interests of football? If there are problems, as football family there are ways to do it. There are a lot of ways in which things can be resolved and one of the ways is that when internal processes fail, FIFA is there,” he said.

“Present the documents, the information that you will give them and they will act, that’s all. Those who are aggrieved should sit down, put their concerns down. Whatever that has been done that is against the constitution, they put everything down. Send them to FIFA and I tell you FIFA cannot sit on something. They will act immediately they receive because we all know what happens when you take football matters to court – unless you are new in football. So we know the consequences.”

Munaile is however, optimistic that the FAZ AGM shall proceed at the end of this month.

“You know that when court moves in they want certain things to be done. I don’t think these things will take too long to be sorted out and we will continue,” he said. “So far we have had elections from six provinces, we are remaining with four, so I’m still confident that by the 28th of March, elections will take place,” he said. “So the most important thing is that people should exhaust local processes. Only when they are dissatisfied with the outcome, then they can now write to FIFA and bring out all the relevant documents and FIFA will act.”

Munaile is among three candidates that are jostling for the FAZ top job at the forthcoming FAZ elective general meeting to be held in Livingstone.

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