We no longer have a professional police

Kelvin Fube Bwalya says “over-interference in the police and abusing the police to do political issues, instead of doing a professional policing job is a problem”.

The police need to be reviewed, in terms of its training. It needs to be re-educated, re-trained and all the syllabus at Lilayi must change to conform to the democratic dispensation that we have accepted politically. We cannot be teaching the police 1965 tactics today and expect them to enforce the law on people in 2020. It doesn’t make sense,” says Fube.

“When the citizens don’t trust the police, there is a clash because the police have got guns and sometimes live bullets. The gassing itself, [we had] 46 deaths but we don’t know the number of people who were shot by the police. That’s the kind of policing we don’t want.”

He is right. It cannot be denied that the police in Zambia is not professional. It is the untrained politicians who are making the day-to-day police operational decisions.

In his usual boastful manner, Stephen Kampyongo, the Minister of Home Affairs, has made it very clear that wherever we see the police commissioners making decisions or acting it is him behind those decisions or actions.

Kampyongo has never been to Lilayi to train as police officer. But today, with the lack of humility of a semi-literate, Kampyongo is boasting of making police operational decisions.

Today it is Kampyongo who decides who should be arrested and who shouldn’t be arrested.

Today it is Kampyongo who decides who should be given or denied a police permit to hold a rally, demonstration or protest.

Today Kampyongo, in connivance with his boss Edgar Lungu, can order the police to arrest anyone and charge him with treason. This cruelly and brutally happened to Hakainde Hichilema.

Today it is Kampyongo, again in connivance with Edgar, who can direct the police to occupy a citizen’s house without any lawful court orders as he did with Dr Fred M’membe’s house in Mwika Royal Village.

Today Kampyongo doesn’t even listen to professional advice from well qualified police officers. He does as he pleases and even insults the professionals.

Police officers are no longer acting as professional enforcers of the law. They have become an extension of the Patriotic Front security wing, taking orders from party cadres.

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