Kazabu queries Mulenga over Micho’s contract

FORMER FAZ committee member Luxon Kazabu has wondered what’s wrong with sports minister Emmanuel Mulenga who has delayed in signing national team coach Milutic ‘Micho’ Sredojevic contract.

Kazabu, a FAZ life member, told The Mast that FAZ patron President Edgar Lungu should come in to allow the association run its affairs under its own constitution in line with FIFA statutes.

It’s been a month since Micho was unveiled as national team coach but his contract is still on the minister’s table despite the Attorney General giving a go-ahead.

“If the Attorney General has already approved the contract for the coach, one wonders what the problem the minister has,” Kazabu said.

“I can only suspect that it is because of the current feud between the minister and FAZ and we all know where this is coming from. It’s because of the government through the Minister of Sports having preferences on who should be running FAZ, which should not be the case.”

Kazabu, who served in FAZ during the tenure of Tom Mtine, said he could not understand why FAZ president Andrew Kamanga should be fought so forcibly by the government.

“What wrong has he committed? I don’t understand. And the buck stops at the President (Lungu) who is the patron and the only earnest appeal I can make to the patron is that he should intervene in order to ensure that things return at Football House and the intervention I have in mind is where the President will give instructions to the fact that FAZ should be let to run the affairs of football in the confines of their constitution and in line with the FIFA statutes, period and everything else will return to normal,” he said.

Kazabu has however, urged Kamanga and his executive to remain focused in developing Zambian football.

“As for Andrew Kamanga and his team, I would urge them to remain steadfast because there is no crime that they have committed. No one has told me what wrong they have done apart from saying he has failed to qualify the team to the Africa Cup of Nations twice. You can’t judge like that because the government is not right,” he said.

“They are fighting him left, right and centre. It doesn’t matter whether you are a genius, you may not achieve what you want to achieve for the nation.”

Kazabu said he respected Kamanga, adding that the FAZ president had what it takes to run the association.

“This is the man [who] before he took over the reins of FAZ, corporate governance was not there at FAZ, people would do all sorts of things. Now I know that people are made to account as no one can get out with a single coin without being asked those critical questions and that’s what we need to have – business practice even in running football,” said Kazabu.

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