Lungu a no nonsense man, claims Kamba

LUSAKA Province PF secretary Kennedy Kamba says President Edgar Lungu is a no-nonsense man who believes in discipline.

The Mast editorial comment last week attributed violence in PF to President Lungu.

The comment, titled ‘PF youths are violent because Lungu inspires them to be violent’, did not please Kamba.

Reacting to the comment, Kamba defended President Lungu, claiming the Head of State always condemned violence.

“President Lungu is a no-nonsense President, he emphasises discipline and those who try to misbehave have always been disciplined and others who come in conflict with the law are facing the due process of the law and will never be shielded by anybody,” Kamba said.

“May I state from the beginning that it will be irresponsible for any media house to engage in machinations aimed at discrediting President Edgar Lungu for things that he has outrightly condemned. We are displeased with the editorial comment of The Mast, of Thursday March 19, 2020, where the newspaper is claiming that PF youths are violent because President Lungu inspires them to be violent. Reading this comment in its entirety, it can only be described as incorrect, misleading and highly provocative to us and all those that know President Lungu personally as a parent and a responsible leader.”

Kamba said what happened on Youth Day, where PF members violently clashed among themselves in full view of President Lungu and other leaders, was not sanctioned by the President.

He said President Lungu condemned violence in strongest terms, hence calling for investigations into the incident.

“We believe discipline is one of the anchors of true democracy, peace and good governance and that’s why President Lungu and the entire structures of the party demands that we embrace this virtue. What happened on Youth Day was extremely unfortunate and those responsible will be dealt with in line with the statutes of the party and those who were involved in criminality will definitely face the laws that govern this country,” said Kamba.

“It is therefore, very unfair and unacceptable for any media institution to try and drag the name of the President in these unfortunate incidents, all in an effort to discredit him. We appeal to The Mast to be factual and avoid these antagonistic approaches in their reporting. Everybody wants peace and President Lungu is well known for such. The people themselves who know the President will defend his integrity, moral standing and reputation.”

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