We’re fighting Kamanga as an individual – Siwale

FOOTBALL administrator Blackwell Siwale says he and others are now fighting FAZ president Andrew Kamanga as an individual, not as association president.

Siwale said as far as they were concerned, the term of office for Kamanga and his executive ended last Thursday.

But the world soccer governing body, FIFA, on Friday wrote to the Football Association of Zambia (FAZ), directing the executive to remain in power until elections were conducted on a date to be announced.

“There is no organisation that can ban Zambia at the moment because, first of all, there is no executive; the executive mandate ended yesterday (Thursday). Andrew Kamanga today is a former FAZ president under Article 33 subsection 3 and 4. It’s very clear, the president and his executive shall be elected at the AGM and their term of office was four years yesterday,” he said.

“So, we are now fighting Kamanga as an individual, not as FAZ president. As far as we are concerned, we want to believe that he (Kamanga) has handed power to Kashala to take over and run football for 45 days and call for elections and have office bearers to run football.”

Siwale has, however, called for a national indaba to set up a truth and reconciliation commission.

“It’s quite sad that, like I have always said, we need to call for a national indaba. If not, we need to set up a truth and reconciliation commission to heal our football. This is what we have said several times that Kamanga being at the helm of our football there has been a lot of acrimony; the environment is so toxic,” said Siawale.

“We are only trying to bring sanity in the football constitutionalism, people should adhere to the rule of law for our football to move forward because football itself is a game of laws. So why would you want to apply an illegality in governing an association with an activity which is governed by law?”

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