SPORTS minister Emmanuel Mulenga says it is the players and the fans that will suffer if FIFA bans Zambia due to the wrangles surrounding the FAZ elections.

Mulenga says those vying for FAZ presidency should know that it is only football that unites the Zambians.

Mulenga said this at a media briefing in Ndola on Saturday night.

“The wrangles in the Football Association of Zambia which have culminated in a lot of court cases is not good. The job of the Ministry of Sport is not to interfere in the running of the association but to see that sports development is promoted in the country. I want to advise the current FAZ executive to stick to the constitution of FAZ and FIFA statutes,” Mulenga said.

He said the government regards football as a unifying factor which should be free from any wrangles.
“Government regards football as a unifying factor. It’s a unifier. We need by any means avoid being sanctioned by FIFA,” Mulenga urged. “We must remember that what unites us is far important than what divides us, even if we differ in opinions. All members should exhibit love and address the issues in line with the statutes.”

He said it is the players and fans that will suffer without the game of football.

“If FIFA puts sanctions, God forbids, it’s not those vying for positions that suffer, it’s the players and the fans that suffer,” he said.

Mulenga has since directed the National Sports Council of Zambia to convene a meeting between all concerned stakeholders.

“I therefore, direct the Sports Council of Zambia to convene a meeting among stakeholders to ensure that the wrangles do not affect the Zambian people,” said Mulenga.

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