Let’s not be cavalier with serious matters – Sambo

MMD vice-president Rueben Sambo says diseases like the coronavirus can only be defeated by prayer.

“By the mercies of the Lord, He has intervened to the extent that such diseases as coronavirus do not have their origins here, on this continent. We are ill-prepared and still struggle to unite around common causes,” Reverend Sambo said. “In addition, we still have our priorities jumbled. We still like to gaze at the printed paper, minted coins and numbers that tell us how much worth above the other we are at the expense of service to our neighbours. We still love show-off at the expense of safety. So if the disease started from here, our rich men would focus more on how much they will make even though it is clear that it is all fast becoming worthless, instead of pouring the resources into public safety, (I would not be surprised if it is already happening).”

He said the world was in turmoil, advanced systems had failed to deal with coronavirus.

Rev Sambo said well-educated experts and highly decorated military generals in advanced societies and smart politicians were crying at their desks if they lived to see another day, because the virus refuses to be contained.

“As of today, there is still no cure. There is only global panic and fear. The scale of the problem is complex. The World Health Organisation has declared it a pandemic,” he noted. “In one day it claimed 500 plus lives in Italy. China won’t even tell us how many lives it claimed there, but judging by their desperation, it must be huge. Every continent is affected and suffering huge losses.”

Rev Sambo said the African continent too had not been spared.

“We have started to feel the weight of this pandemic. There are a few things that will help us, others that will put us in great danger. One thing is certain, we have a bit of time to prepare well,” he said.

“Let us stop being ignorant, let us stop being selfish, let us avoid being economical with facts, let us not steal funds meant to benefit us all and let us avoid doing business as usual. Let us not spare effort to do the best. Let us not be cavalier with serious matters. Let us pull together and do our best.”

Rev Sambo said Zambians had the one thing that was indisputable to work against such a pandemic that still had no answer – prayer!

“We at least know how to pray, and when everything else is failing we can pray. So let us make a serious investment in prayer now. Pray at all times. Pray in your families at home and pray when you are alone. Let us pray. Such diseases can only be defeated by prayer,” said Rev Sambo.

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