PF cadres’ violence has boomeranged – Nyirenda

THE PF youth cadres’ violent behaviour has backfired hard in the face of the party and national leaders that seem to be breeding and condoning thuggery, says Operation Young Vote (OYV) executive director Guess Nyirenda.

Nyirenda stated that not only had the PF youth/cadres’ violent behaviour reached barbaric and uncontrollable levels but had also backfired hard in the face of the party.

He stated that it was very sad that many times when the PF had been advised on their violent cadres and youth, the party leadership has defended and protected such unwarranted behaviour to the point of accusing the opposition parties, especially the United Party for National Development (UPND) as being the perpetrators of violence.

“The Bible says: ‘The measure with which you give/do to others is the same measure that will be measured on you’. The PF has lamentably failed to genuinely and reasonably address the plight of the youth in the country, resorting to hiring them to fight and intimidate those with divergent views. The PF has unfortunately failed to realise and appreciate that such schemes are never sustainable,” he stated.

“The violence that the PF cadres displayed on the National Youth Day – 12th March, 2020 – in full view of the Republican President – the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Dr Edgar Chagwa Lungu, the Services Chiefs is appalling and vexing but more so an indication that these cadres and youth are ready to go for anyone including the President. This must be stopped. It is not too late. In fact it is better late than never if at all we are late as a nation in addressing this calamity.”

Nyirenda stated that the PF party and government must own up and rid this vice they have condoned, especially in the Lungu regime.

He stated that such lawlessness was not only unacceptable but was punishable and must be seen to be punished at both party and national levels.

“Can the law please apply on this thuggery. These schemes of mobilising vulnerable youth after having failed to create jobs for them, let alone empowering them even in the slightest form should come to an end. On 23rd August 2019, as OYV, we advised Kelvin Sampa against parading students from higher institutions of learning, at the party secretariat, taking advantage of their lack of resources for fees and other educational needs such as meal an book allowances among other needs, as not only cruel and appalling but also unacceptable and should be stopped henceforth,” he stated.
“We noted that it was inappropriate and inconceivable that innocent students could be paraded in such manner at the political party secretariat to be made to beg the party in power for support, while denouncing the opposition.”

Nyirenda stated that today other members within the same PF have mobilised the youth and cadres and were demanding Sampa’s removal.

He stated that it was becoming abundantly clear that the PF has run out of what to tell the youth within PF and the whole nation regarding the many unfulfilled employment and empowerment promises and the only seemingly “workable” scheme was to mobilise the vulnerable youth and citizens into indulging in acts of lawlessness (such as violence, protests without notifying the police) with impunity.

He stated that it was unfortunately sad that the schemes by the PF leadership and functionaries of not only condoning and tolerating but also using violence against anyone with divergent views such as the opposition political parties, citizens and now themselves, had crippled the police service including other governance institutions.

“What it entails is that no personnel within these governance institutions would act professionally on any matter involving the PF unless that individual is ready to sacrifice his/her job and to some extent his/her ‘blood’. As OYV, we are of the considered view that it seems no one in the PF is realising that the majority and peaceful Zambians are tired of being subjected to all these mayhems at the expense of their normal lives and wellbeing. That these violent schemes that are being perpetrated by the PF within ranks and files whether meant for ‘outsiders’ or within themselves are a perfect way of self-decampaigning – and citizens are keenly watching and following, waiting for that day (less than 490 days) when they will be invited to cast their ballot,” he stated.

“That the disgruntled-ness they have bred in the country among the youth and cadres to ‘fight’ and intimidate anyone with divergent views will not long from now work against themselves as we have started to witness with a ‘dyonkho’ exhibited when some cabinet minister was allegedly clobbered and the recent PF against another PF faction right in the face of the President and all Service Chiefs.”

Nyirenda stated that no one in the PF was realising that the “toothlessness” with which they had rendered the governance institutions such as the police would haunt them beyond their graves.

“We call on the PF party and government to spare us. We need a peaceful and united Zambia now than ever before, especially in the advent of global epidemics like the devastating Coronavirus. We need a better Zambia than what we are being subjected to. The status quo is appalling, vexing and unacceptable. We will not keep quiet. We refuse to be silent,” stated Nyirenda.

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