Taficila apa; ba PF nabafilwa – Kalaba

DEMOCRATIC Party president Harry Kalaba has charged that the ruling PF are only preoccupied with winning by-elections instead of making sound economic policies.

And Kalaba says it is time for the PF government to exit power because they have made living tough for Zambians.

Meanwhile, PF cadres on Monday chased Kalaba and his entourage out of Kitwe.
Speaking during a radio show on Serenje Community Radio, Kalaba said PF, his former party, had overstayed in power.

“It’s difficult for everybody and we are saying these people bakokola, ba PF kuyabebele,” he said.
“Even our highest denomination, K100 is failing to buy a bag of mealie-meal, it tells you that we are in trouble as a people. When you look around the world, staple food should be the cheapest…but in his country, mealie-meal is the most expensive commodity.”

Kalaba said; “We have a timid leadership. All they are interested in is how much am I going to get out of this? This leadership of changanya, we are fed up with it. They have failed, nabafilwa, this is how people fail, taficila apa (it doesn’t go beyond this). What they should do is to give people like Harry Kalaba and the Democratic who have ideas to run the show chance.”

Earlier, when he attended mass at St Peters Catholic Church in Serenje, Kalaba asked the church to pray for politicians and pledged cement for the church.

“I have seen the project you are developing out there, I am told it’s a multipurpose hall. I want to be part of that project. I will buy 50 or 100 bags of cement for the project to be completed,” he said.
“I ask Christians that you should be praying for us politicians so that even as we seek public office, we should be humble like Christ was. Pray for us so that we should not be fighting each other, we should not use violence against each other but we should have love because we all want to serve Zambia. Pray that we should be united so that we can develop Zambia, especially at this time when we have the coronavirus, pray that God may help us.”

Later in the evening, Kalaba, on his way to Mansa, passed through Samfya to check on the extent of the damaged bridge, which has cut of the town from the rest of the country where he found RDA officials assessing the damage.

On Monday, Kalaba was scheduled to be at Radio Ichengelo but as they approached, a blue Toyota Surf blocked the entrance and told him to go back.

The opposition leader realising danger quickly turned and sped off towards town.

The Toyota Surf carrying cadres trailed the team until Kitwe town centre where a minibus carrying other cadres blocked them.

Cadres on the bus insulted the team and threatened to beat and kill them.

The suspected PF cadres trailed Kalaba’s team to near Ndola when they disappeared.

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