Lusaka residents show solidarity with Kamanga

SCORES of Lusaka residents on Wednesday showed solidarity to FAZ president Andrew Kamanga and six others who appeared at the Lusaka Magistrates’ Court for contempt.

The crowd carried placards with writings in support of the FAZ president.

Speaking to journalists after the court session, Arnold Phiri said Kamanga has been one of the best FAZ presidents.

“All that is happening is sad for Zambian football and we want Kamanga to continue as FAZ president because in him we have seen transparency and we have seen how Zambian football has grown under his watch,” he said. “Football is for all and led by Kamanga, Zambia is heading somewhere. Let’s give him time because football is the only thing that unites us in these economic situations.”

And Zambia Sports Fans Association patron, Peter Makembo who was also at court to give solidarity to Kamanga, appealed to sports administrators to refrain from injuring one another, saying the country was losing time.

He said the confirmation of cases of COVID-19 in the country, which has led to a suspension of league matches, had given administrators time to resolve issues.

“If it wasn’t for that we could have been banned by FIFA and lost what we could have gained, but since things are in the courts of law it shall be settled,” said Makembo. “But our fear is that FIFA is also watching and the longer we take to sort out issues this might affect us, hence we need to put our house in order and the time is now to do so.”

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