FOOTBALL administrator Blackwell Siwale says football is bigger than everyone and at the end of each day football must win. 

Speaking to journalists in Lusaka on Wednesday, Siwale alleged that the Andrew Kamanga executive is arrogant hence the problems that have continued to engulf the country’s number one sport. 

“First of all the executive is very arrogant. If they can stop being very arrogant and come to the table with everyone who is a stakeholder because football is for all and football unites everybody and this is why we are saying we are aggrieved because this is not uniting us,” he said. “Football is not just for few people who are in power and if you win an election as FAZ president it is not that winner takes it all. The problem that is there is that when you campaign for an election and in your campaign you divide people, the consequences is that you will fail to govern them and you will fail to unite them and this is what is happening today in our football.”

Siwale said stakeholders are now waiting for guidance from the National Sports Council of Zambia on how dialogue will take place among the aggrieved. 

“We are waiting for the guidelines to be issued by the National Sports Council as directed by the Minister of Sports (Emmanuel Mulenga). Once the NSCZ comes up with the guidelines, we will oblige and move on and sit down and talk,” said Siwale. 

“Football is bigger than all of us. It’s not about Blackwell Siwale, Richard Kazala, Kalusha Bwalya or Andrew Kamanga himself. Football is for all Zambians and it’s the beautiful game that unites the nation, so we need to put our foot down and see the way forward.”

Last week, Mulenga directed the NSCZ to guide on how dialogue shall take place among football administrators who have been on loggerheads. 

Mulenga also said it was important to avoid a FIFA ban as the nation.

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