Pressure makes me work hard – Musakanya

RED ARROWS captain Bruce Musakanya says wearing shirt number 10 comes with pressure that makes him work hard.

Musakanya said discipline is important for every sportsperson.

“Yes, the jersey number 10 comes with some pressure, but for me, I think it makes me work extra hard because it’s believed that whoever wears that should always be on top of the game which always pushes me when I wear it,” he wrote, on the Zed Football Zone WhatsApp group. “With Red Arrows I was given jersey 10 because they realised and saw my potential. We do a lot and as for me, I have learnt a lot from James Chamanga who is my teammate.”

Musakanya, who joined the airmen in 2011 from Livingstone Pirates, has so far scored 43 goals for the club.

“Discipline is cardinal for every sportsman and myself. As you know, I am the captain and many youths look up to me, so I need to lead by example and be disciplined,” he said. “Starting football at grassroots is very important. So it’s very important to emphasize on youth programmes as they are the future of Zambian football.”

Asked why some players seem to tick more when there is an expatriate coach, the 26-year-old midfielder said there is need to provide local coaches with more training.

“I think the only difference is expatriate coaches really use necessary equipment such as GPS, cameras to detect whether you are fit or not and you know such things cannot lie, unlike our local coaches [who don’t use such],” he said. “But I believe if we take our local coaches to necessary schools, we can be there.”

Several years ago, Musakanya went for trails at FC Porto in Portugal, and remains hopeful that he will one day still trek to Europe.

“My goal is to play football outside Zambia – probably in Europe – and help Zambia to qualify for the first-ever World Cup,” said Musakanya.

“I believe restricting the number of foreign players would really help strengthen the Zambia national team because some clubs have too many foreigners.”

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