Why should Lungu continue as President?

It’s very difficult to understand why Edgar Lungu wants to continue as President of the Republic of Zambia.

And it is equally very difficult to understand why anyone in the Patriotic Front or in this country would want Edgar to continue leading their party and this country.

Edgar has clearly failed to lead the Patriotic Front and this country.

All Edgar has brought to the Patriotic Front is hooliganism, violence, corruption and anarchy. There’s no decency, order and respect in Edgar’s Patriotic Front. Today the Patriotic Front is a party of insults, threats and counter threats, violence and counter violence. Even Edgar himself has not been spared from insults.

Under Edgar’s leadership the Patriotic Front structures have really been weakened in all parts of the country. Edgar has destroyed the Patriotic Front and what remains is nothing but bands of mercenaries. Why would any member of the Patriotic Front want Edgar to continue as leader of the party?

In everything, other than corruption and other vices and other negative things, Zambia’s rating or grading has gone down. The economy is in a shambles. Inflation which Edgar found in single digits is today in double digits. The Kwacha which was in single digits to the United States dollar when Edgar took over in 2015 is now heading towards K20 to the dollar. The national debt has been pushed to very dangerous levels. When he was being advised to be careful about borrowing his arrogant response was that he will keep on borrowing and no one will stop him. Today Edgar can’t talk about debt. Many Zambian families are today failing to feed themselves. Poverty is worsening. Many children can’t go to school, college or university because of fees. Many lives are being lost because the health services are beyond their reach and are in a shambles.

The roads are broken. The Serenje-Nakonde road is totally broken. Even the Mpika-Kasama road is disintegrating. All the road projects in Northern and Muchinga provinces which were started by Michael Sata have been abandoned.

Travelling to Mongu is a nightmare – the road is gone.

People shouldn’t be cheated by the road projects in Lusaka being funded by the Indian government as a gift.

Unemployment is on an upswing – jobs are being lost every day.

Crime is on the rise, including that which is being introduced by themselves like gassing of people. Socially and morally the country has been bankrupted by Edgar.

The politics of the country have become very filthy under Edgar. Today’s politics is of money – of buying people, breaking people, humiliating people. Edgar has corrupted our politics.
Our multiparty democracy has been weakened under Edgar. The democratic space has really narrowed under Edgar. Our fundamental freedoms of expression, speech and assembly have seriously been curtailed under Edgar. Opposition political parties and civil society organisations are continually being denied permits to hold rallies, demonstrations or protests.

Elections have been turned into battlefields with guns being fired and people maimed or killed. This is Edgar’s Zambia!

The question is: why would anyone want to continue with this?

It’s only Edgar and those benefitting from this chaos who want this rot to continue. Edgar has become extremely rich and doesn’t want to leave. He also knows very well that jail will be his next destination if leaves power because of corruption and other abuses of power. Those cheering him on are equally in the same position. They fear to lose their privileges.

But as for rest of Zambians, there’s nothing to gain from Edgar continuing as President.

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