Beyond the Obvious: Where are Zambia’s Prophets?

WHERE are our Zambian prophets when our leaders get counsel from foreign conjurers? Why do we remain quiet when magicians taunt our leaders? Where are our prophets when workers go unpaid and pensioners die without getting their benefits? Where are our prophets when government sets up commissions of inquiry when prophets can help to discern? O, yes, prophets in the past used to help find lost donkeys and interpret dreams. Where are Zambian prophets when viruses cross borders and cause fear among the masses? What’s happening to our prophets when every seer from abroad wants to prophesy about Zambia? Can’t our prophets hear from God?

Today I see the government graciously giving work permits to every foreigner who claims to speak for God. These people run away from their countries because of poverty and unemployment and come here as ‘men of God’– telling us that we are poor because our ancestors cursed us and so we need to be delivered. And how gullible we are as Zambians! We seem to trust everything foreign preachers say. We watch their TV stations or get hooked to social media to type our names and ‘Amens’ in the hope of receiving miracles from these papas.

I have attended church countless times and I’ve been told nice stories from the Bible how God used men and women to do great and mighty deeds in their times. How I wish I lived in those days! Days when prophets of God used to confront fake prophets and slay them right in the presence of everybody! How I wished I lived in the Bible days when prophets used to confront kings and tell them to own up and repent! How I wished I lived in the Bible days when prophets would call fire from heaven! How I wished I lived in the Bible days when prophets would close or open the heavens! How wonderful this country would be if our prophets today were like the Elijahs of old!

Young people, instead of being used by politicians to machete each other, how great would this country be if you put your energies to solve the country’s besetting problems? Oh, how I wish!

But what do I see in my country today? I see prophets of God taking to social media and telling us what they know about the COVID-19, but come short of providing solutions, only to tell us that, ‘I’ll ‘come back tomorrow’ with solutions. How petty! People are dying and you think you have answers but take 72 hours to help? If at all you can even help! This is nothing but playing around with religion. And when these prophets show up again, they tell us nothing other than what is already on social media!

But listen to me, countrymen and women, there once was a time when church was about being ‘born-again’, and we still have genuine preachers in this country still preaching this kind of messages; those men and women who preach the plain gospel, not the feel good messages that are not any different from what you find on You-tube. Countrymen and women, know this that we need to work with our hands and not to wait for miracle money from some prophet somewhere.

Some people may dislike me for sounding this discourteous; asking what they feel are uncomfortable questions. But I think this is good. I enjoy provoking people to wholesome thinking and critical reasoning. The question, ‘Where are Zambia’s prophets?’ is a call to our clergy who have brought this country to what it is today. A call to remind them to stick to their prophetic mandate, and not to turn the house of God into a den of thieves. It’s up to us – you and me as church adherents, to learn to discern between prophets of God and fake ones. How could we do this? Read the Bible on your own and attend credible church organisations, not those one man ministry that are not accountable to anybody. Bible messages should provoke you to seek God, not man.

See you in paradise!
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