Pay ex-Post employees – Nyondo

THOSE bishops and priests who are interacting with President Edgar Lungu this Lenten season must remind him that former Post Newspaper workers have died without getting their benefits, a Copperbelt businessman and former Post Newspaper vendor has said.

Webster Nyondo, a Catholic, said it pains him to see PF politicians in Lusaka humbling themselves alongside priests and bishops pretending to be clean and Godly when hundreds that depended on the Post (liquidation) are in pain while a number of them have died.

“I am compelled to talk to you after I learnt that my very good friend Jeff [former Post Newspaper driver] died and when I inquired I was told he was not the only one who has died since that newspaper was killed. My heart bleeds and I am not alone, there are so many souls hurt by that – people that worked for the newspaper,” he said. “Now, I am Catholic and we use this time to reflect on the wrongs we have done to people and seek repentance for those wrongs. So, my question to the clergy as they preach the message of the cross this lent, do they remind those that killed the Post that that decision has also killed souls, that poor workers and poor people have died by betrayal like Judas Iscariot did to Jesus? They need to remind Mr Edgar Lungu that pay these people, their blood bays for their sweat.”

Nyondo added: “I am a Christian myself and the best to earn forgiveness is to confess your sins, admit and in this case pay then you have the peace of the Lord, not just posturing with bibles and posing among preachers and ignore what you have done wrong.”

“Sometimes we suffer in life not knowing where the suffering is coming from. But ninshi walifyenga abantu mwalilabako nokulaba (mistreated someone and you even forget about it). It’s wrong, Jeff and other colleagues who have died and those living need their money. You grabbed their company and disposed the assets, so where has the money gone?” wondered Nyondo.

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