Vote for Bill 10 and kiss goodbye to Parliament, Mambo warns MPs

BISHOP John Mambo says all members of parliament, both in PF and those in opposition who will vote for Bill 10 are an enemy to Zambia and
 should kiss parliament goodbye.

Mambo, a commissioner in the Mung’omba Constitutional Review Commission, said civil society’s position on Bill 10 has not changed.

“Our position on Bill 10 remains the same, Zambia should not give God a bouncing cheque. In any democracy you hear the majority, PF and
 [justice] minister [Given] Lubinda are not the majority, the majority is the people of Zambia,” he said. “I speak as a member of the Mung’omba constitutional review, former commissioner in the Mung’omba constitutional review. People did not want a piecemeal amendment of the Constitution, by now had you taken the Mung’omba constitutional review which they are hiding, or the Chifumu Banda-led constitution would not have been talking but by this we are saying in the name of money, in the name of power, let us waste people’s time…the government in place will not be there for life, forever and ever. It’s like America one time Democrats, the other time is Republicans; thank God they are not petty in their politics. Let us tell our MPs, both in PF and those in opposition that if you are voting for Bill 10 then you are an enemy for Zambia and kiss parliament goodbye.”

Bishop Mambo, who doubles as Civil Society Constitution Agenda (CiSCA) chairman and Chikondi Foundation president, said Zambians had already rejected the bill.

“Our position as Civil Society Constitution Agenda is that let us pray about Coronavirus but at the same time let us tell our MPs in PF, opposition and independents that if they are voting for Bill 10 then
you are an enemy for Zambia and kiss parliament goodbye,” he said. “When the young people, those that have graduated have no jobs and then those in
 Parliament…because those in Parliament now have outlived their usefulness, the majority that are voting for Bill 10 are those that have been in Parliament for three or four times, meaning 20 years in Parliament so for them it’s another Parliament session to come I will get $50,000 buy another vehicle.”

Bishop Mambo said Bill 10 was trying to dribble traditional leaders.

He said the PF was trying to use the arrogance of numbers but warned MPs and the general citizenry to wake up to avoid further damage to the country.

“We have had people elected and have never been tested with power and later on have used that power to empower cadres to an extent of them 
worshipping them saying Boma ni Boma. We are government, government is of people for the people and by the people but Bill 10 is not going to do that,” he said.

Bishop Mambo also said he stood in solidarity with banned constitutional lawyer John Sangwa for speaking boldly.

He said in a democracy it was wrong to suspend Sangwa even before he could be heard.

Bishop Mambo maintained that Sangwa was in trouble for defending the Constitution.

He called upon all Zambians to do so and defend the supreme document, which cannot be touched without the consensus of all citizens.

“You don’t do that, you give me a hearing…In a Christian nation when I have committed adultery, you give me a hearing but with Bill 10 we are going to see the worst dictatorship because the powers that were removed from the President will be given back,” he warned. “You have a nominated member of parliament, no constituency at all, not sent to parliament by anybody but he’s in the forefront on Bill 10! This is the issue of the belly. Give us a break on Bill 10, with me I speak authoritatively because I was in the Mung’omba constitutional review and it remains one of the best constitutional review commissions. They know that this Bill 10 is not good but because they have allowances and money they keep saying no. History will be on their side but those that will be stubborn because they got K6 million, VX and so on will be judged harshly. 
Where will these MPs going to go to after Bill 10, who is going to talk to them in their constituencies and villages…whom have they consulted?”
Bishop Mambo said Bill 10 should be buried together with the coronavirus.”

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