Foloko hails ‘peaceful’ ZJA members

ZAMBIA Judo Association president Alfred Foloko has commended members for being peaceful in the running of affairs of the association.

During the Annual General Meeting held over the weekend where only 17 members attended as they were observing health ministry directives of not having gatherings of more than 50 people at a function, Foloko said the federation has been running its affairs in peace.

He urged the members to continue embracing peace.

“I want to thank you for the peaceful manner you have conducted yourselves. We didn’t have any issues regarding conflicts within ourselves, so that’s the judo spirit that we should continue exhibiting. I know that our fellow colleagues in other associations are still faced with these wrangles,” he said. “So those (wrangles) are not the case with judo. We take pride in that through the principles of our sport, through the values, beliefs of our sport, we have managed to keep ourselves together.”

Foloko also took time to talk about the major events the association participated in.

“However, I have to make mention of some of the successes achieved in the year under review (2019). Under our leadership we have successfully participated in major events such as the World Judo Championship, it was hosted in Japan, Tokyo. Another milestone colleagues, is the purchasing of the bus that we are using to enhance activities of the organisation,” said Foloko. “If it had not been for the COVID-19, we could have used the bus to go to Malawi to participate in a refugee project with our colleagues from Meheba and also we could have used the bus to be in Zimbabwe to participate in the Japanese Ambassador’s tournament with our team as preparations for the Lesotho 2020 championship.”/LM

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