Zanaco won’t cut players’ salaries – Kananda

DUE to the drastic measures being undertaken to control the spread of coronavirus across the globe, many teams particularly in European leagues have decided to adjust players’ wages to pay other club employees.

The Zambian league has also been suspended and players have been advised to train from home.

One such club is Zanaco FC.

However, the club says it won’t cut players’ salaries during this period.

Speaking to The Mast, club general manager Marlon Kananda said players’ salary scale in Zambia is different from the European one.

“I think most people are now comparing with what is happening in the European league where players are coming out and saying they will agree to salary cuts but I think what we also need to know is that our salary structures are different from Europe,” he said. “Even just a scale what is collected by colleagues in Europe is in millions. If you look at our players their salary is what they use for their houses. It’s just an upkeep, if I may say so, what they are not getting because there are no games.”
Kananda said Zanaco would not cut players’ salaries unless they chose to do so themselves.
“Our football club, we won’t touch on their salaries unless the players come to us and say look we are not playing and we would want to have our salaries cut and give back to club in terms of our salaries,” he said. “Like I said, it’s all about the structures of salaries and in Zambia the monthly salary is what they use for other things.”

But he noted that the club has lost revenue during this period.

“… it’s a global pandemic it has not only hit Zanaco, it’s a pandemic that has made all clubs … or the sport itself in general coming to a standstill. As Zanaco Football Club we have not been spared in terms of income coming to the club through the sport. When you have games you can raise money through sales of refreshments, through ticket sales [but] all this comes to a standstill because there are no games happening,” Kananda said. “But Zanaco Football Club what is important is to appreciate that this pandemic is serous and we have to follow guidelines that have been given by government and the World Health Organisation. We have to follow it because if we won’t, we won’t have football [and] the sport will be affected, the players will be affected, administrators will be affected. So the best thing is to adhere. Let’s fight this coronavirus together as men and women so that we can resume sports and continue enjoying. As it stands now how can you even enjoy when people are dying?”

He is however saddened that some people are still not following the health guidelines.

“It’s sad that we are seeing people not adhering to the guidelines that have been given, it really makes a sad reading once you see such things,” said Kananda. “But as Zanaco Football Club, we have put things in place. We have suspended training. As you know, players are being encouraged to train at home so that they remain fit. The biggest message is that people should take this virus seriously and follow the directives that have been given by the Ministry of Health and the World Health Organisation.”

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