BE WATCHFUL…let’s self-isolate – Hamusonde

IT’S the end of time as was prophesied in the books of Daniel and Jeremiah in the bible, says chief Hamusonde in reference to the coronavirus.

Hamusonde has advised Zambians to self-isolate themselves in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic.

In an interview, Hamusonde urged all Zambians to be very careful of strangers as “these may be” the carriers of COVID-19.

“We all must pray to God so to that he can protect us because COVID-19 is the disease that may have no cure unless Jesus himself…biblically this is the prophecies of Daniel, he prophesied this type of disease as the end of time, and also in the book of Jeremiah, it was prophesied that in the end people will die and there will be nobody to bury them,” he said. “These are the days we must be very careful with, otherwise the prophesies of Daniel and Jeremiah are now being fulfilled. It is
 the end of time.”

Hamusonde feared that if one area is very contaminated with COVID-19 in Zambia, it would spread to all parts of the country and would be out of control.

“The biggest fear I have is that if one area is contaminated, the virus will spread to the entire country. Each one of us must be a self-isolated so that we examine ourselves, to check if we are free in line with guidelines that have been given by the Ministry of Health,” he said.

Hamusonde advised Zambians to be very vigilant.

He likened the spread of the coronavirus to the foot and mouth disease that had ravaged the chiefdoms of Monze and Namwala districts “as having been planted to punish the Tonga-speaking people”.

“We must be watchful of strangers, here in my chiefdom and that of Monze and parts of Namwala we had the deadly foot and mouth disease
which was deliberately planted on us, however, with this one it knows no boundaries, no tribe, no politician or political party because it even affects health workers,” said Hamusonde. “This is a killer disease that does not even select, it kills even a

And chief Chikanta, who is the chairperson of the Southern Province Royal Foundation, when contacted said he was yet to get all traditional
 leaders’ views in the province on the issues of the government instituting a lockdown as advised by the church mother bodies.

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