Beyond the Obvious: Corona virus and Conspiracy theories.

I GOOGLED conspiracy theories and found that (put in my own words,) these are unexplained secrets and sometimes, sinister but influential events or agendas orchestrated by yet unknown or suspected groups or organisations. An example of one conspiracy theory is that the current coronavirus that is ravaging the world was created by Chinese scientists either to kill Africans or to fight their archrivals – the Americans or the Europeans. Conspiracy theories may not be based on evidence, but on the belief of an individual or groups of people. The individual or groups of people may arrive at such conclusions as a result of consistency of occurrences of certain events or matters. This has been exacerbated because, in certain instances, those accused of conspiracies have not admitted or disputed the accusations. A good example is that of the Freemasons. They don’t deny or admit that they are Anti-Christ or that they are out to control the world political and financial systems. There have been other conspiracy theories surrounding some world events, for example, the death of JF Kennedy, the 9/11 attacks, and others of varying significance. Back home here, I can start a conspiracy theory about who the gassers are, who built the 48 unclaimed houses, the ‘Do as I Say’ topics, the mukula tree saga and so on and so forth. And if no one answers to my theories, then the public will have good reasons to believe me. Similarly, we have not heard the Chinese denying that they manufactured the virus in their labs.

But let’s just assume that conspiracy theories are not just theories, but real. Let me be to the point: let’s say the Chinese invented the coronavirus. So what? What do they want to achieve? To wipe out the African race? To reach world political dominance? To introduce a vaccine and put a microchip in all human flesh? Where was the CIA? Where was the FBI? Where was the UN Security Council? Are they all part of the conspiracy?

While all of us are free to speculate and fantasise about all that is happening, it will not help matters unless the United Nations Organisation and other interest groups take a lead and do everything possible to dig out all we need to know about this pandemic. Mr. UN Secretary General, this is the time to show your clout and save mankind. We don’t expect you to be coming to our parliaments to lecture us on damn gay rights! We want you to act, and act now!

I, therefore, call upon Washington and their European allies to make the same efforts they have put to fight terrorism, to ensure those behind COVID-19 are brought to book. I call upon all peace loving people of the world to demand that all suspects like are caged and made to account for their crimes.
The insinuations against China about COVID-19 cannot just be brushed aside as conspiracy theories. We have seen that world over, those who seek to control masses have always sacrificed people on the political altar. Li Wenliang, the Chinese whistleblower doctor, for example, is one of those who paid for his life for trying to tell the world some facts about the virus. Xi Jinping knows he cannot fight the US alone and so he wants to use others as his surrogates. We cannot accept this go unpunished. Why should the world keep silent when evil is out to finish us all?

This world has never experienced this kind of fear and uncertainty before. Some people should be held responsible for the deaths and sufferings they have inflicted on the peoples of the world and be made to pay for the evils they have done. The world is still grappling with scars of Jihadists and other religious extremists – call it terrorism. But Islamic terrorists have a human face because they target those they feel are their enemies, but Beijing has spat in the face of the whole humanity, disrupting our way of life in a manner we have never seen before. The UN should not remain silent.

May be Robert Mugabe was right: we need to reform the UN Security Council. But I’d even be bolder and ask African governments to grow their economies, lessen their dependence on China and the US and eventually severe our relations with Beijing and the evil capitalist world that has no respect for human life.

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