SIA, Norwegian Olympic staff renovate Munali courts

SPORT In Action has embarked on a project to renovate various sporting facilities including volleyball and basketball courts among others.

The Munali school volleyball court has benefited from the K100,000 project and is set for completion this week.

SIA director said the organisation is complementing the government’s efforts in strengthening minor sports.

“Sport In Action in partnership with the Norwegian Olympic Committee staff members has embarked on renovating the two volleyball courts at Munali High School,” SIA director Frankson Muchindu said.

“These so-called minor sports in Zambia do not get much needed support and volleyball is one of those, so Sport In Action saw it fit to complement government efforts to strengthen the so-called minor sports at school and community level.”

He said if volleyball was supported from the school and community level, it had the potential to produce good players for the nation.

“I know that most teams in schools are facing challenges because of no proper facilities and we believe as Sport In Action that by creating this positive environment at community level, we’ll definitely strengthen the sport of volleyball at school and community level,” Muchindu said.

“As you might be aware Munali School is a centre for many school sports activities so we believe that the two volleyball courts will enhance the sport of volleyball not only for Munali boys and girls but also 20 schools that also use the facility as well and we are hoping that we have more young people that are going to take up the sport.”

He added that SIA has divided Lusaka into zones for sports development.

“Sport In Action has also come with a map site where we have mapped Lusaka into zones. For example, Munali area has been zoned for volleyball development, Kalinganga for football development, Mtendere for netball development. We have Kabwata, Chipata [and] Mandevu known for basketball development. In these areas we have sports clubs and we have constructed facilities to support our programming,” said Muchindu.

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