Ghanaian football academy threaten to report Nchanga Rangers to FIFA over players deal

A GHANAIAN football academy has threatened to report national division one side Nchanga Rangers to FIFA for failure to refund the academy K85,000 for the travel of three players from Ghana to Zambia.

Salam Murtala, president for New Hope of Africa based in Ghana, says Nchanga Rangers in the 2017-2018 season did acquire the services of Ivin Ayew Afulang, Abam Sulley and Mohammad Amadu.

The trio went to Nchanga Rangers on trials but ended up being registered and played the season.
Mohammad Amadu went on to play for Buildcom FC.
“The whole thing is that Nchanga Rangers and I entered into an agreement for me to send three players that was during the 2017-2018 season. The deal was, I should send them the three players they will assess them, trail them and then I will take the responsibility to fund them to come and when they do pass the trials, they will reimburse me with immediate effect the cost of sending the players over there (Zambia),” he said.

“And then during the course of the league, they will be able to get a foreign contract and then we would share accordingly as agreed. Having done that, the players were delivered, they played the season with Nchanga Rangers, that means they had successfully passed the trials as they were registered and played a season, to-date, Nchanga Rangers has not refunded the coast of the travel of the players and the players come from my academy.”

Murtala complained that both the current and previous Nchanga Rangers executives had ignored him.

” I don’t understand why an academy based in Ghana will fund its own players to Nchanga Rangers for them to be used and then to-date they won’t refund. I have been extremely patient with the previous administration. This agreement was at the time of Mr Kapayi and Mr Gardner, president and vice-president, respectively. Therefore, I thought this new management will also…I contacted them, they told me I should give them some time and I gave them time. Ever since I have been making follow-ups they are treating me like the previous administration,” he complained.

Murtala threatened to take the matter to FIFA.

“So I have concluded that they have no intentions to pay so therefore I will have to get FIFA involved and see how it goes,” said Murtala.

Efforts to get a comment from the club executive proved futile as the club president Patson Nyirenda’s phone went unanswered.

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