PF ARE SADISTS…enjoying the masses’ suffering – Lukuku

REPUBLICAN People’s Party president James Lukuku says the PF is a heartless group of people that should not be listened to.

His statement follows a scathing attack on UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema’s nationwide distribution of hand sanitisers and soaps to help the government fight the coronavirus spread.

Following Hichilema’s flagging off of a nationwide distribution of hand sanitisers and soaps to communities to fight the coronavirus outbreak, a statement believed to have been written by the PF media team has been issued calling on Zambian police and Ministry of Health officials to intercept and inspect the real contents of what is being distributed.

The statement signed under the guise of a whistleblower further alleges that some boxes are laced with COVID-19 virus intended to make the outbreak a nationwide problem.

Another individual calling himself By Dr Joze Manda penned a statement calling on Hichilema to sit down and let the government do its work.

“More than ever, we need to shine an unrelenting spotlight on the morally bankrupt power brokers who are trying to exploit the pandemic for their own profit. The politicization of the coronavirus is perhaps HH’s most disturbing and reprehensible political tactic in this election cycle. Let us hope he is doing this out of ignorance, we forgive him then, if that is the case,” wrote Manda, who also alleged that his distribution would most likely distribute the disease.

But Lukuku said every Zambian must condemn the PF and its propagandists for being insensitive about COVID-19.

He urged Zambians to ignore PF propaganda against Hichilema’s donations.

“If they managed to engage gassing criminals to almost bring our country to a stand still, nothing will stop them from frustrating support measures put in place by our innocent opposition alliance presidential candidate for 2021, President HH. It is a heartless group of people. They schemed the gassing of innocent children and women, the gassing of the disabled. Then they went to Parliament to present Bill 10 in the name of the very people they were gassing. These are gassing mafias,” Lukuku said.

“If they brought down a market as big as the city market and left thousands in desperation and destitution, how could you expect them to respect a supportive measure intended at helping the poor?”

Lukuku said the PF were sadists who enjoy poverty and the suffering of the masses.

“This is a government that unleashed soldiers to go and torture street vendors in the name of fighting cholera. They are sadists. Look at what they are intending to do to the Prime TV! And what they did to The Post. Very inconsiderate of the plight of the people they rule,” he said.

He said the PF has seen hope for the vulnerable in the support measure from Hichilema and thus want to squash the hope by imploring Satanist and human faceless propaganda.

“We thus can’t be deterred by PF propaganda. Let us identify critical areas and ensure donated sanitisers reach our fellow citizens,” said Lukuku, who is also opposition alliance chairman for media.

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