PF members’ violence has Lungu’s blessings – NDC official

NATIONAL Democratic Congress [NDC] Central Province youth chairman Delkins Bwalya has charged that political violence currently being perpetuated amongst PF members has the blessings of President Edgar Lungu.

And Bwalya has condemned former presidential political advisor Kaizar Zulu for allegedly physically attacking PF Chitambo Member of Parliament Chanda Remember Mutale.

In a statement, Bwalya stated that intra political violence in the PF started manifesting when President Lungu was elected party president after the death of president Michael Sata.

He charged that President Lungu has been reluctant to discipline PF members that were perpetuating violence in the ruling party, which was an indication that the Head of State was tolerating violent activities in the PF.

“The political violence currently obtaining in the Patriotic Front started at Mulungushi Rock of Authority in Kabwe when President Edgar Lungu was elected PF party president after the death of President Michael Sata. It is in public domain that the election of President Lungu as PF party was characterised with violence such that during that convention, some party cadres were seen yielding pangas, catapults and other dangerous weapons; all in a bid to ensure that President Lungu assumes the presidency of the party. President Edgar Lungu was a product of violence,” said Bwalya. “It is not surprising that he is now failing to discipline those that are engaging in violent activities within the ruling party. If the PF youths can publicly engage in violence amongst each other on a public holiday right in front of senior of party officials, in front of senior security officials and other dignitaries, then it means that these PF party cadres have no regard for authorities. It also means that the political violence currently being perpetuated amongst PF members has the blessings of President Edgar Lungu.”

Bwalya said NDC youths in Central Province wre concerned about political violence being perpetuated within the ranks of the ruling PF because it had a spill-over effects on opposition political parties.

He feared the PF violence could easily affect the opposition.

And Bwalya condemned Zulu for allegedly physically attacking PF Chitambo member of Parliament Chanda Remember Mutale.

“We have also noticed with concern that President Edgar Lungu’s former political advisor Kaizar Zulu recently engaging in an altercation with PF Central Province chairman Chanda Mutale and in the process Kaizar Zulu physically attacked the PF Chitambo Member of Parliament. And President Edgar Lungu has not taken any action against his former presidential advisor,” he said.

“We, therefore, strongly condemn Kaizar Zulu for physically attacking PF Central Province chairman who is also the PF Chitambo member of parliament. Further, we have noticed that some PF youths are now calling for the removal of PF national youth chairman Kelvin Sampa. And according to these violent PF youth, the only offence that the Kasama Central PF member of parliament has committed, which has annoyed them is for openly condemning intra party violence and stating that he would discipline any youth that would engage in violent activities. We expected that President Edgar Lungu would be above board and discipline party members fuelling violence not only in the ruling party; but also against opposition party members.”

Bwalya expressed optimism that the Head of State and the party leadership, in general, would take action against party members fanning violence in the country.

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