LUNGU’S GOVT BELEAGUERED …PF has got internal wrangles, more problems than the opposition – Changala

BREBNER Changala says unless otherwise, President Edgar Lungu cannot win an election.

He says most PF zealots, who not long ago used to beat in defending President Lungu, are equally seeing that there is no benefit in supporting “this beleaguered government headed by one Edgar Chagwa Lungu”.

Changala also says Zambians expect to have a President whose pillow will be the Constitution.

The governance activist said the catalyst of the PF’s challenges, difficulties and shortcomings were all centred and revolving around President Lungu.

“But those in the PF are slowly realising that the man is a liability. They can go and stand on an anthill and say ‘he is eligible to stand.’ President Edgar Lungu, unless otherwise, cannot win an election and this is now becoming clear in the party itself and to some extent, in the government,” Changala said in an interview.

He said President Lungu had not conducted himself, in many ways, as a genuine, capable and decisive leader.

“He has brought the presidency into ridicule and scorn. President [Levy] Mwanawasa set a very high bar on the occupant of the Office of President in this country,” Changala said.

“Everybody expected a President who is disciplined, decisive but more importantly a President who can respect the rule of law, a President who will sleep with the Constitution as his own pillow – a defender of the Constitution.”

He regretted that Zambians, in Lungu, had a President who: “has totally abrogated the Constitution on many fronts and instances.”

“[We have] a President who has become a custodian of political violence. [He is] a President whose main occupation and preoccupation is how to stay in power longer than it’s necessary. He can go to any lengths to prolong his stay,” he said.

Changala recalled that some years back, there were PF zealots who could beat up anybody for the sake of President Lungu.

“Today, I don’t think that they have energy now. They are equally seeing that there is no benefit in supporting this beleaguered government headed by one Edgar Chagwa Lungu. The story that you ran where [former local government minister Ackson] Sejani has given a very good analysis and approach to the chaos in the ruling party…I must thank the leaders of the UPND, NDC and Honourable [Harry] Kalaba and others who have come at the most critical time to participate in the way we govern ourselves,” he said.

Meanwhile, Changala highlighted that the story of President Lungu’s former political aide Kaizar Zulu allegedly beating up Chitambo PF member of parliament Remember Chanda Mutale had been underplayed by the media.

“You (the media) have not added meat to the fracas. It gives an idea that PF has got internal wrangles which are being suppressed. Not long ago, Kaizar was a trusted aide to the President…” noted Changala. “Zambians had complained about Kaizar’s transgressions; that he was debasing the presidency, reducing the respectability of that office but the President tolerated all his cantankerous behaviour. What I’m trying to say is that the PF has got more problems than the opposition have.”

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