Pay former Post workers – Dr Mambwe

IT’S sad to see former Post Newspapers workers die without getting their dues, says Dr Kelvin Mambwe.

Dr Mambwe, the University of Zambia Lecturers and Researchers Union general Secretary, said it’s very saddening that citizens should be treated “in this manner, that they should be made to suffer because of politics”.

“If assets for the Post Newspapers [in liquidation] have been sold off, the question that we should be asking ourselves is: where has the money gone to, because under normal circumstances, the liquidation of a company assets should take into account the workers’ interests first,” he said. “We, as nation, should have learned lessons from the liquidation of companies like Zambia Airways and UBZ which led to the deaths of many of our countrymen mainly because of depression arising from non-payment of their dues.”

Dr Mambwe lamented that seeing a repeat of the aforementioned in a modern Zambia is very unsettling.

He said it only goes to show that the government’s intention was meant to punish not only the proprietors of the company but the workers as well.

“This is very unfortunate and uncalled for. My appeal as a labour leader is for government to quickly consider paying all former employees of the Post Newspapers their dues from the funds they have raised from the sale of the assets because they have no other reason not to do so,” Dr Mambwe said.

He further urged the government to empathise with the families of former workers who have not been paid their dues and some of whom are passing away without getting what they worked for and perhaps due to depression.

“Please, government consider your people and pay them their dues,” pleaded Dr Mambwe.

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