CAMPS EMERGE…prominent PF members fear Lungu not saleable – Sikaile

SIKAILE Sikaile says Northern and Luapula PF camps are all mounting pressure on President Edgar Lungu to hand over power to these provinces or PF splits further.

Sikaile, a good governance activist, says there is confusion in the PF government due to camps emerging and ready to challenge President Edgar Lungu in case he insists on contesting next year’s general elections.

He claims there has been also another scheme to bring on board FDD president Edith Nawakwi to replace “Gogo” [Vice-President] Inonge Wina.

“By contesting next year’s elections, Lungu will be abrogating the Constitution of Zambia which only allows one to run for presidency for two terms, and President Edgar Lungu doesn’t qualify to stand if we are to go by the Constitution of Zambia,” Sikaile said. “The internal disputes are as a result of Mr Lungu’s leadership inefficiency which has brought more problems than solutions to the people of Zambia. Majority prominent PF members and State House sources have disclosed to me that they are scared to face 2021 general elections with President Lungu as a candidate. They argue that it is very difficult for them to sale President Lungu to the Zambian people anymore owing to the fact that he has proven beyond any reasonable doubt that he can’t preside over the country.”

He said many people now were attributing all the problems going on in the country to President Lungu.

“Our sources further disclosed to us why Dr Chitalu Chilufya, health minister, has of late been given the credit he doesn’t deserve in some media outlets, it is because of the same squabbles. There is an image build up going on to see whether people will accept Chitalu Chilufya as a PF candidate in case President Lungu decides not to stand next year after too much pressure from stakeholders,” Sikaile claimed. “There has been also another scheme to bring on board FDD president Edith Nawakwi to replace gogo (grandmother) Inonge Wina…The big man (President Lungu) is in trouble more than the pressure of coronavirus.”

He said due to all those problems surrounding the PF, President Lungu was trying to look for someone who in case PF wins 2021, “the person can protect him”.

“The Northern and Luapula camps are all mounting pressure on Edgar Lungu to hand over power to these provinces or PF splits further!” Sikaile said. “It is very difficult for Edgar Lungu and PF government to win a clear, free and credible elections next year because they have proven their incompetence before the Zambian people that they have no capacity to govern Zambia.”

He said since 2015, the PF government has lamentably failed to push national development so that Zambians could judge them based on their works.

“Instead, they have been politicking day-in and day-out. Their politicking has been as a result of their questionable legitimacy after failing to validate their claimed re-election in 2016,” Sikaile said. “And PF have realised that winning 2021 general elections can only be possible by either coming up with evil schemes…They can do anything just to stay in power. Other alternatives for PF to win the elections are; political violence, abuse of public institutions such the Police, Electoral Commission of Zambia and the Judiciary.”

He called on President Lungu to put the interest of the nation and that of the people first by allowing a credible dialogue to make sure that those three institutions operated independently next year.

“I can bet with the opposition and all citizens that without these three institutions being reformed before next year, the environment will be volatile more than what we have seen in the past elections where PF thugs can attack oppositions members and even kill without the law or President Lungu saying anything,” Sikaile said.

“The opposition should not be reluctant at all. Let the international community be engaged at all cost, by any means, to help in reforming these three institutions as soon as possible because PF will be brutal next year. Why PF would rather use force next year than allowing citizens to decide? They are very much aware of what is obtaining on the ground; they know very well that without them intimidating their opponents and citizens, it can be a white-wash game and this will mean most of them will go to prison for the crimes they have committed such as political violence and corruption, as well as abusing of public institutions such as the Judiciary.”

He appealed to the Church not to be docile.

“The Church should be in the forefront of making sure that 2021 general elections are free and fair and that citizens will be protected. Pastors, why are you hiding when you see that the security of the nation is uncertain? Emulate Jesus Christ who stood and died for the truth,” urged Sikaile. “…We can’t trust some of these politicians. Bill 10 is still coming back as it is the only hope for President Lungu to survive his third term bid and further stay in power forever, if at all he manages to survive the pressure he has with PF members.

Therefore, opposition, independent MPs and all stakeholders should not relax at all over this evil piece of legislation that will promote one party state.”

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