Let’s save lives – Nanjuwa

[By Chambwa Moonga in Mumbwa]

MUMBWA UPND member of parliament Credo Nanjuwa says the COVID-19 period is a time to save people’s lives unlike engaging into politics.

Nanjuwa is going round his constituency with sensitisation messages around the coronavirus pandemic.

Before kick-starting the sensitisation tour at the Mumbwa Constituency office on Wednesday, Nanjuwa flagged off his donation package of 30 water basins (50 litres each) and 70 boxes of anti-bacterial hand wash.

Nanjuwa says he procured the assortment using personal money.

The lawmaker said the coronavirus that brought COVID-19 had really terrorised the world.
He regretted that so many people had died at the hands of the virus.

“We have seen so many people dying. It’s not something that we can joke about. I want to thank the government for coming up with certain guidelines to help our nation on how we are going to approach this pandemic,” Nanjuwa said.

He also thanked home affairs minister Stephen Kampyongo for clearly declaring that every Zambian, despite their political affiliation or position, was free to get on board and help in the fight against the pandemic.

“I have decided to come here and go round the constituency to raise awareness on the coronavirus pandemic – to help our people get the awareness messages. As communities in Mumbwa, we have to stay away and probably minimise the effects of this coronavirus,” he said, stressing that his donations across the constituency was an act of leading by example.
Nanjuwa further said it was prudent for him to work with the traditional leadership in his constituency.
“I’ll go to all chiefdoms in my constituency and I’ll have sensitisation meetings with headmen. I’m also going to work with the church in my constituency so that together we distribute this little stuff and it reaches the intended beneficiaries,” he explained. “This is just to augment what the government is doing.”

He also appealed to business people within Mumbwa to join the fight against the virus by donating whatever they could manage.

Meanwhile, Nanjuwa extolled UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema for taking keen interest in the fight against COVID-19.

“It is prudent that as a member of parliament in the UPND, I should follow suit of what my boss is doing. I congratulate him for showing that kind of leadership. This is not the time to do politics – this is a matter of death,” noted Nanjuwa.

“We don’t need to do politics and those who want to do politics now, let them wait. We’ll meet after the pandemic! We know how to play politics but not now. Now is the time to save the people.”

Later on that Wednesday afternoon, Nanjuwa donated water basins and cartons of hand wash products to clinics at Kashinka and Kabwanga.

He did the same at Nambala clinic and Nambala police post and later on at Shimbizhi clinic and Shimbizhi resource centre.

All the donations are in different wards of the constituency.

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